Old Yeller, or the dog that played Old Yeller, to be a homeless dog

found in a sanctuary in valve Nuys, California. The dog’s genuine name to be Spike.

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Spike nearly didn’t obtain the part in the movie around Old Yeller due to the fact that everyone assumed he was too lot of a sweetheart.

The Story of Old Yeller

The 1957 Walt Disney film, Old Yeller, was based on a book of the same name by candid Gipson. The movie was around a boy and also a stray dog in post-Civil battle Texas. Through the father away on a livestock drive, the two sons, Travis and Arliss, perform the best they have the right to to save up with all the work on the family farm.

Meat is being stolen from your smokehouse and some animal has been disturbing the hens. The boys soon discover that the culprit is a stray, yellow-colored dog. Travis, the older brothers played by Tommy Kirk, do the efforts to drive the dog off, yet Arliss (Kevin Corcoran) protects the dog that calls Yeller.

One afternoon Arliss is make the efforts to catch a black color bear cub by supplying it food. Together the cub come closer and closer come Arliss, the little bear’s mom arrives, angry and determined to gain her cub back. Old Yeller shows up unexpectedly and also drives the be afflicted with away. By saving Arliss, the entire family embraces Yeller.

After this, Yeller stays on the farm, always ready to protect the boys. Much more trouble brews, however, when a neighbor stop by to report that animals are dice in the area from rabies.

One night a rabid wolf nears the house and attempts to strike the family. Yeller is there putting up a solid defense but the wolf keeps coming. Travis finally shoots at the wolf but prior to the wolf drops he lunges, biting Yeller.

The guys quarantine Old Yeller, hoping that he won’t come to be ill, yet one day together they go out to take him dinner, and he has changed, snarling and also growling in ~ the boys. Through that, Travis has no choice but to shoot him. It is just one of the saddest moment in movie history. (To check out a trailer because that a re-release that the movie, click here.)

The Dog Old Yeller

Spike was situated in the van Nuys animal Shelter by a friend of

Hollywood dog trainer candid Weatherwax (1902-1991). The Weatherwaxes to be prominent pet trainers because that the movie industry. Among their most successful present of dog played Lassie in every the miscellaneous movies and TV reflects starring Lassie.

Frank’s friend preferred Spike’s look and called Frank come come down to the shelter. Frank did so and thought the dog seemed trainable. Frank payment $3 to bring him home with him.

The dog responded fine to Frank, and also soon he was looking like a dog with genuine potential. It just wasn’t clear how Spike was going to fit in to Hollywood. In the meantime, Spike was doing fine in training, and also otherwise enjoying the life of being among the Weatherwax household of dogs, complete with kids to pat with.

One work Frank Weatherwax’s wife, Connie, was reading The Saturday night Post when she came upon serialized story dubbed “Old Yeller” by open minded Gipson (it later ended up being a book). She love the story, and also the description of the dog made she think of Spike.

Later the year the Disney company announced that they had purchased movie legal rights to Old Yeller, and Frank Weatherwax do a call—he want to bring Spike in to audition for the role.

When Spike arrived at the studio, the Disney people saw a flop-eared, really friendly, goofy dog with substantial feet…. How was this walk to it is in the Protector Dog who saves the Texas family members from all types of threats? Spike had actually been raised around children and loved human being of every ages. The dog just didn’t look vicious.

That’s wherein the Weatherwax training was put to work. Frank Weatherwax placed Spike through his paces. Spike growled and snarled and also was climate able come revert to gift his typical friendly self.

Spike soon had actually the part.

Huge Success of Old Yeller

Though Spike remained in several other films and appeared on television, that will always be remembered for his part in Old Yeller, among the ideal boy-and-his-dog films and also a movie with among the saddest endings.

Spike likewise appeared in various other movies. He remained in A Dog of Flanders, and The She-Creature as well as The quiet Call. On tv he made appearances ~ above The Mickey mouse Club and also The Westerner with Brian Keith.

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Spike invested his retirement years in the Weatherwax household where he lived for several more years after ending up being famous. He likewise had offspring that did fine in display business. His child was the dog in Island of the Blue Dolphins (1964) and his grandson showed up with Steve McQueen and also Robert preston in Junior Bonner (1972).