What Language do They Speak in Fiji?

Although Fiji is a nation of beautiful exotic islands, communication is nice easy. There are three official languages in Fiji: English, Fijian and also Hindi. In this quick guide to the Fiji language, we’ll go v what language is talked in the archipelago of Fiji.

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To simplify, aboriginal Fijians speak Fijian as their first language, Indo-Fijians speak Hindi together their very first language, and also both teams speak English as a second language. That’s no to say that English isn’t offered excessively, v most interactions through the media, business and even top top the restaurant menus gift in English. For English-speaking tourists, friend won’t feel too much out the depth as soon as in Fiji. It’s easy! It’s “Fiji time“!


5 fun Facts around the Fiji Languages

The Fijian language is made up of countless different dialects throughout the archipelago The conventional Fijian language used more commonly now takes many of its words indigenous the language used top top the island of Bau, together historically it was the many prestigious and also politically leading island Indo-Fijians have their very own version the the Hindi language called Fiji Hindi The island the Rotuma has actually its own totally separate language referred to as Rotuman there are numerous silent letters in the written variation of Fijian words.

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English in Fiji

English is used and understood by most of the populace in Fiji, largely as a second language. School children are teach English after they come to be proficient in their an initial language, therefore English is commonly understood. English is the language supplied for many communications, whether it’s in the media, ~ above signage or because that doing business.

So when visiting Fiji, English-speakers space unlikely to discover a language obstacle when talking to the locals.

Why Do people Speak English in Fiji?

With much more than half the population being native Fijians and the various other vast bulk being Indo-Fijians, why is English the common language in Fiji? English was very first introduced to the islands throughout the exploring and also trading days part 150 year ago. However, the English language became much more dominant in Fiji after the British colonisation of Fiji in 1874. With that, every government communication was in English. Fiji stayed a British colony until 1997, however the affect of the British influence remains.

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Fijian in Fiji

The Fijian language, known as Fijian, is talked as a first or 2nd language by simply over fifty percent of the population. Fijian is a type of Malayo-Polynesian languages, a subgroup the Austronesian languages v similarities to other languages talked in the south Pacific, and also Southeast Asia.

Before colonisation, there to be several different dialects spoken across the Fijian islands. Today, over there is a “standard Fijian” used mostly for administrative purposes and is the form of Fijian language most generally spoken. Nevertheless, you might still hear part slight variations in the dialects in between the regions of Fiji.

Fijian Language Pronunciation

Fijian words have different vowel sounds to how you check out words in English. On height of that, there room a few differences precious mentioning between how to pronounce letter in Fijian contrasted to English. For example:

“D” has actually an undeded “n” in front of it, therefore Nadi is pronounce “Nandi” “G” has an undeded “n” in front, therefore “Sigatoka” express “Singatoka” “C” is express “th”, so the “Mamanucas” is express “Mamanuthas”.

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Hindi in Fiji

Spoken by about 37% that the populace as a an initial or 2nd language, Hindi is an official language in Fiji. Return the language is called “Hindi” locally, outsiders refer to the language together Fijian Hindi due to the sport of the language contrasted to the Hindi spoken in the Indian subcontinent. The language has linked elements that the Hindi dialects from Awadhi and Bhojpuri sport of the language, blended with Fijian, Arabic and English words.

Why Do civilization Speak Hindi in Fiji?

During Britain’s colonisation of Fiji, indentured labourers from India were sent out to Fiji because that the sugar trade. Coming from different regions that India with different dialects the Hindi, the typical language of Fiji Hindi was formed to make communicating in the workplace easier, as well as for young children of the labourers to interact when left in daycare centres.

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Other Languages spoken in Fiji

Although there are three official languages in Fiji, various other languages are spoken in Fiji to reflect the diverse populace of immigrants, and some Fijian islands having their own indigenous dialects.

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The other usual languages talked in Fiji include:

Rotuman – talked by the human being living top top the Fijian island team of Rotuma Gujarati – spoken by Indian immigrant (not concerned the Indian labourers) Punjabi – talked by Indian immigrant (not related to the Indian labourers) Cantonese – talked by Chinese immigrant Mandarin – spoken by Chinese immigrant Tongan – spoken by Tongan immigrants and also Fijians of Tongan descent.

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