Not numerous Pokemon in Galar evolve with the aid of a moon stone. However here"s exactly how to get your hands on the ones the do.

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Moon Stones are pretty different from the usual Water, Leaf, and Fire Stones. Quite than evolving largely Pokemon of a solitary type, it can evolve in between a variety of Normal-types, Poison-types, Fairy-types, and Psychic-types. Of course, in ~ that selection are just six Pokemon the end of the 898 total. Due to this, a lot of trainers look increase what stone can evolve what Pokemon.

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an additional odd quirk that separates that from other evolution stones is its partnership with the Moon Ball, a Pokeball the is an ext likely to capture Pokemon the evolves through a Moon Stone. There are no various other Pokeballs the correlate with an evolution stone like that.

Updated September 7th, 2021 by Russ Boswell: Pokemon knife & Shield players are still hard at work-related completing their Pokedexes and catching as many shinies as feasible before the relax of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. New players who room just starting their journey might be surprised about the Pokemon that evolve via a Moonstone in Pokemon sword & Shield. To much better help players that are just diving right into their own quest throughout the Galar Region, this overview has to be updated with info on just how to uncover Moonstones in Pokemon knife & Shield. Thankfully, the Pokemon that evolve from Moonstones in sword & Shield, and also the stones themselves, aren't too obnoxious come locate.

7 Nidorina come Nidoqueen

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This Poison-type Pokemon has existed due to the fact that the an initial generation. The evolves from Nidoran if the Nidoran is female at level 16. To revolve it to a Nidoqueen though, it'll require a Moon Stone.

football player can discover Nidorina just if they bought the Crown Tundra expansion. If they have the expansion, the Pokemon have the right to be found in the Giant's Bed area in all weather at any kind of time the day. Those who carry out not have the development do not need to fret too much though, as someone through the development pass can trade a Nidorina to them.

nikoqueen and nikdoking
Nidorino is the male identical of Nidorina. Similar to her, his species has existed due to the fact that generation one and is a Poison-type.

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The story is the exact same for this Pokemon. It is only easily accessible in the Crown Tundra areas. Choose Nidorina, Nidorino can be uncovered in the Giant's Bed your levels will be in ~ 63. Both Nidoking and also Nidoqueen room competitively viable Pokemon, as they come to be both Poison and also Ground-type after being advanced with a Moon Stone.

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Veteran players of Pokemon frequently think the Clefairy an initial in relation to the Moon Stone. This is since Clefairy would be found on Mt. Moon in the very first generation that games. Also, nearly all their Pokedex entries discuss how lock dance when their is a complete moon. The anime also has evidence that Clefairy room really extraterrestrials.

There are a pair of areas in Sword and also Shield whereby Clefairy can be caught. Because that the highest possible spawn rate, the ar to walk is Motostoke Riverbank during foggy weather. Exterior of the area with much less spawn rates, Clefairy can likewise be uncovered at the various locations of the Giant's Cap. However, in every cases, they only come the end in foggy weather. That course, if you desire to get a Clefairy indigenous evolving a Cleffa, store in mind the Cleffa only evolve v happiness.

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Jigglypuff is the fourth Pokemon native the an initial generation come evolve through a Moon Stone, make the first generation the one with the many Pokemon the evolve with this details stone. In fact, that is four out that the 6 Pokemon in full that evolve with the Moon Stone.

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it is pink and cute favor Clefairy yet actually is not available in the basic Sword and Shield game. That's right, choose Nidorina and also Nidorino, Jigglypuff deserve to only be captured by those that bought expansions. However, this time that is no the Crown Tundra but the Isle of Armor. They appear in the Isle the Armor in the areas of Honor with a spawn price of 15 percent. They can also be discovered in the forest of emphasis with the same spawn rate.

among the two non-first generation Pokemon that usage a Moon stone is Skitty from the third generation. That is a cute small cat-like Pokemon the is a Normal-type (unlike Jigglypuff and also Clefairy, it in reality never readjusted to a Fairy-type!).

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Unfortunately, Skitty cannot be captured in Sword or Shield or even in the two expansions. It is one of the Pokemon that never made it right into the Galar region. Also if you have one in Pokemon Home, it can not be moved to the game. At the very least this means you can save a Moon Stone.

The second non-first generation Pokemon to use a Moon rock is the pink orbital Psychic-type, Munna, indigenous the Black and White generation. Uneven Skitty, is is catch-able in the Sword and Shield games.

because that the greatest spawn rate, travel to east Lake Axewell throughout heavy fog weather. Other areas with a lesser spawn rates incorporate the Giant's chair (with just a 2 percent chance), Bridge ar (25 percent chance), and the Stony Wilderness (30 percent chance). It is necessary to recognize that all these locations need to have actually heavy fog for Munna come appear. The places provided so much are also just the areas where Munna can appear over world. Locations where one deserve to be discovered just in the tall grass incorporate the rojo Hills, Axew's Eye, and Giant's Cap.

finding Moon Stones in Sword and Shield is a bit easier than finding and also capturing the Pokemon associated with them. There room a couple of places that players deserve to look to acquire their hand on a Moonstone and also a couple of methods come snagging the elusive rock:

Players deserve to sometimes uncover a Moonstone via the Digging Duo in the Wild Area. Unfortunately, the spawn prices are quite low for these rarely items and trainers will certainly be forced to fork end 500 watt for each attempt they make. V a wide pool the items for the brothers to pick from, it's not necessarily recommended that players shot to farm Moonstones in this way. Currently, the drop price for a Moon rock is 3% native the Stamina Brother and also 4% from the ability Brother. over there is one Moonstone situated in the upper right edge of the Dusty key area. Players can uncover it close to a huge rock and behind part bushes. A Moonstone deserve to be found in The Lake that Outrage. Players have a possibility to uncover multiple development stones here and also will need the 2nd Rotom bike upgrade found on route 9 come navigate the waters here. In the Crown Tundra DLC, a Moonstone deserve to be got on the left next of the Tunnel come the optimal map.

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