My brand-new range says it needs a 40-amp circuit breaker minimum. But it likewise says maximum attract is 13,200 watts on 120/240, for this reason doesn\"t that median a 40-amp breaker would certainly be inadequate? By my math, max wattage top top a 40-amp circuit is 9,600, de-rated to 7,680. I\"m i can not qualify to have actually the oven and all 5 stove segments going full burn in ~ once, yet sheesh, don\"t I require at the very least 55 or 60 amps? (And 6-gauge wire?)


According come the NEC, any kind of household cooking appliance rated in ~ 12kW or less have the right to be offered by a 40A circuit. Your is end this for this reason bumping up to a 50A would be required. The code on this can be confusing, but trust me, it\"s there.

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I to be interested in whereby it says a 40A circuit is acceptable.


Ranges room special

Range/cooker lots in the NEC are governed by the demand factors in Table 220.55; this is proclaimed outright in NEC 422.10(A) i 4:

Branch circuits and also branch-circuit conductors for family members ranges and also cooking appliances chandelier be allowed to it is in in accordance v Table 220.55 and also shall be sized in accordance through 210.19(A)(3).

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as well as Table 220.55, keep in mind 4:

Branch-Circuit Load. The shall be permissible to calculate the branch-circuit load for one selection in accordance with Table 220.55. The branch-circuit fill for one wall-mounted stove or one counter-mounted cooking unit shall be the nameplate rating of the appliance. The branch-circuit pack for a counter-mounted food preparation unit and also not an ext than two wall-mounted ovens, all supplied from a solitary branch circuit and also located in the same room, shall be calculated by adding the nameplate rating that the individual appliances and treating this total as equivalent to one range.

...and it transforms out the OP is OK

As a result of this, us take the baseline 8kW from tower C of table 220.55 because that a single 12kW range, and then use the note 1 adjustment as the selection in concern is a 13.2kW unit:

end 12 kW through 27 kW ranges all of same rating. For varieties individually rated an ext than 12 kW however not much more than 27 kW, the maximum demand in pillar C shall be boosted 5 percent for each extr kilowatt of rating or major fraction thereof whereby the rating the individual arrays exceeds 12 kW.

From this, we gain a 15% increase adjustment on the shaft C value, or 8kW * 1.15 = 9.2kW, i beg your pardon is less than the 9.6kW a 40A circuit can handle, therefore the OP is an excellent to go. We usage 9.6kW here because the table 220.55 sizing overrides the common continuous-load provisions in the NEC, through the way.