I’m one for tradition, so ns still choose to have actually a clock in various rooms. However, ns often discover the ticking to be really loud and also distracting, for this reason I sought ways come quiet the once and for all.

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The easiest means to quiet a loud ticking clock once and for all is to add mass, such together a piece of quilting, end the ticking system on the earlier of the clock. Failing this, girlfriend can also oil the mechanism, yet this will need repeating every couple of weeks to save the clock quiet.


The clock in the image above (check that is price top top Amazon) is a silent, ‘non ticking’ clock.

3. Quiet the ticking by oiling the mechanism

When girlfriend think the oiling relocating parts, it’s often to make them operation smoother. While this is one function of oiling the clock’s mechanism, a more heavier oil deserve to also include tension to much more sensitive mechanisms simply through the sheer load of the oil.

However, the greatest thing with this choice is the you’ll require a little bit of knowledge on just how clock mechanisms work. More than them being complicated, they’re really sensitive, for this reason you require to have actually a really light touch if you arrangement on taking them apart.

Also, most cheap clocks won’t permit you accessibility to the ticking mechanism. However, if there space screws hold a covering in place, I’d recommend taking it turn off to see what you’re dealing with.

The just real sport in clock mechanisms are size and also the materials used. Every mechanisms follow a basic formula, so once you understand that you should be fine.

If you’re simply wanting to lubricate the mechanism, usage a specialty clock oil. This is lot thinner than typical oil and also so is an ext sensitive top top the breakable mechanism.

However, this technique can also be supplied to include tension to the gears, which have the right to make them quieter. If that’s what you’re walk for, use automobile oil prefer 5W or 20W, together this will be lot heavier. To oil the clock’s mechanism, perform the following:

Take the back plate off to expose the clock’s mechanism. This is really simple to identify since it’s a fill of gears connected to the clock’s hands.Any knobs poking v the ago panel have to either pull turn off or be screwed on. This will mostly depend ~ above the high quality of the clock, however neither is specifically difficult. Store a mental note the what goes where though.When opening the system housing, be an extremely careful and gentle. A compelled movement could make the gears autumn out, which would be game over for your clock.Find the gear that’s moved by a tiny coil. This is the one the moves the 2nd hand, therefore is the main resource of the ticking. Carefully put a single drop of heavy oil top top this gear. The finish of a toothpick is perfect because that this.The equipment that this connects come should additionally be oiled. Emphasis on the gear’s bearings first, but then spread a tiny amount top top its teeth too. These space the just 2 gears you have to oil.If you’re making use of clock oil instead, simply spray a small amount ~ above the mechanism, ideally coating all gears. One of two people way, leave the clock open for 30 minutes or therefore for any excess oil to evaporate.Finally, put everything back together just the way you discovered it. This can often be the complicated part if you no pay much attention once disassembling the clock.

Another useful thing to carry out is to stuff a tiny amount of mass in the clock. This works in the same means as insulating a stud wall, as the extra mass will certainly absorb several of the ticking noise, dampening it slightly. However, only do this if there’s excess room due to the fact that you don’t desire to ingredient the clock and put push on the mechanism.

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The video below will certainly serve together a useful guide, apart from the procedure stated above.