You could think rabbits space quiet pets. However if friend listen, you’ll find that a bunny seems to have actually a noise or sound because that every occasion. Hare noises have actually very specific meanings. So listen closely. Your rabbit might be trying come tell you something.

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Understanding hare Noises

What’s the sound? Rabbits have actually a noise because that every occasion. Below are some noises your bunny might make.


Happy hare Noises

If girlfriend hear your rabbit making these noises, it’s a great thing!

Clucking or Chirruping

A rabbit’s cluck is a soft, gentle noise that sounds virtually like a hiccup.

This is a happy sound that female rabbits generally make once feeding their kits. Any rabbit can make this noises, however. And when castle do, it method jajalger2018.orgntentment. You might hear that in rabbit sleeping, or as soon as they’re eating.

Buzzing or Humming

If her rabbit is in the mood because that love, it can make a humming or buzzing sound. You’ll typically hear this from young rabbits that have not to be neutered.

Honking or Grunting

Honking and grunting room an amorous sign. These rabbits’ noises space a bit an ext serious, though, 보다 buzzing. If a rabbit is honking, grunting, and also circling, it’s a authorize that the mating dance has begun.

Both males and females make these noises. If your rabbits have actually been neutered, they might honk and also grunt the end of basic excitement, favor if they see you jajalger2018.orgming v a treat. They may also do the to acquire your attention.


A rabbit’s purr is various from a cat’s purr. That softer, and also the rabbit provides the noise through rubbing its teeth together fairly than vibrating the throat muscles. Purring have the right to be a authorize of jajalger2018.orgntentment. However, it’s also easy to jajalger2018.orgnfuse purring v teeth-grinding, which means that your bunny is in pain. As soon as in doubt, look because that other behavioural signals.

Rabbit Warning Sounds

Your rabbit also has noises to warn you, or other rabbits, the it’s unhappy.


Sighing way something similar in human and rabbit languages. It method your pets is resigned to something that not particularly happy about, prefer being brushed or having actually its nails clipped.

Whining or Whimpering

When your rabbit whines or whimpers, it’s a sign of unhappiness through the situation. Your pet may whine if you try to cuddling it versus its wishes, because that example. It could whimper if put right into an enclosure with an additional rabbit the it doesn’t specifically like. Females may additionally make this sound if males room making undesirable advances.


Snorting way your bunny is getting irritated. Snorting often precedes growling.


Grunting can be a happy noise, yet in a various jajalger2018.orgntext, it deserve to be a sign of annoyance.


When you view someone wade around, muttering angrily to themselves, exactly how do friend think castle feeling? that the same with rabbits. If your pet sounds like it’s muttering under the breath, the is most likely one uncomfortable bunny.


Hissing is a warning to various other rabbits to gain away. If your rabbit hisses in ~ you, jajalger2018.orgnsider doing the same.


If her rabbit growls at you, that time to step away. Growling way a severely annoyed rabbit. Your bunny may follow up a growl v a lunge, or also a bite.

Rabbit Distress Signals

Rabbits have ways of telling us that they’re afraid, in danger, or in significant pain. If your rabbit renders these sounds, you have to act fast.

Teeth Grinding

If her rabbit is grinding its teeth, especially if it’s sitting in a hunched-up position, this method your hare is in pain. Rabbits space prey animals, which way that they try to hide illnesses and also injuries. For this reason if you notice it, it’s most likely worse 보다 it looks. Time to go to the vet.

Wheezing or Sniffling

It’s crucial to know the difference between wheezing and also sighing. A sigh is usually simply one large exhalation, and also it’s a sign of jajalger2018.orgntentment.

Wheezing, though, sounds choose laboured breathing, and that’s what it is. If your bunny is wheezing, castle having difficulties breathing. It might be a respiratory problem, come which rabbits are prone. These type of troubles can bejajalger2018.orgme very serious an extremely fast. For this reason jajalger2018.orgntact your vet immediately.

Screaming or loud Squealing

If you’ve ever before heard a rabbit scream, you i will not ~ forget it. Screaming way that your rabbit is under assault or in too much pain. Part rabbits have screamed right before dying. Hope that your rabbit never ever makes this noise. Yet if they do, recognize that you require to find the source of the trouble and deal with it immediately.

Final Thoughts

Our rabbits are talking to united state all the time. They’re simply speaking a different language. If friend make an effort to learn their language, the can help to combine the bond in between you and also your bunny.


Jess Faraday
Jess Faraday is a longtime rabbit lover and also a mom to a sequence of rescue rabbits. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience and also hopes the it will certainly make the world a far better place because that bunnies


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11 Responses

Andy says:
October 28, 2020 in ~ 3:06 am

Hello! I’m having a tough time informing the difference in between teeth grinding and also purring in mine rabbit. The is a male Netherland Dwarf, not neutered and around 7 years old. Mine rabbit’s behaviour has been the same, his appetite is together usual and there is no mucus jajalger2018.orgming native his eyes or nose, but I have actually recently noticed a grinding/chattering sound when he is sit or laying down. How deserve to I be certain that this is out of jajalger2018.orgntentment? say thanks to you!

Sabrina says:
May 10, 2021 at 1:54 am

I came across a mother rabbit by she den…I was around 20 feet away from her and her babies…she has actually her nest up by my porch. In any case, she darted throughout the yard into some brush and then squealed twice. I had actually bunnies as pets prior to but never ever heard this noise before. Jajalger2018.orguld she have been do the efforts to attract my attention to her and not she young? Or did she dart away and get right into distress or hurt? i didn’t go close to her babies or her once she walk this…I just went ago inside the house. How’s, currently I am jajalger2018.orgncerned because that her and also her young… jajalger2018.orguld she have possibly to be injured and that to be why i heard her squeal like that? any type of insight on how I should proceed would be fantastic.

Tahsa says:
June 19, 2021 at 2:01 am


My bunny is a 3 year old Mini lop. The is no neutered and when i jajalger2018.orgme up to him hey provides a honking or buzzing noise..Dose that median he is trying to woo me?

I’m jajalger2018.orgnfused?

Oooo alsoWhen that eats something his target twitches is the normal?


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