Turkey: A national Icon and also Popular Dish

As the biggest ground nesting bird aboriginal to the north American continent, the wild turkey was valued by indigenous Americans for their delicious meat and beautiful feathers.

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Today, american eat tamed turkey year-round but continue to make special turkey recipes a centerpiece in vacation meals with an innovative stuffings and also sauces. Through a brand new turkey emoji in the spotlight, american are more than prepared to memory this Thanksgiving!

Americans go Crazy end Turkey during Thanksgiving

“Turkey” searches top in virtual searches year after ~ year in November.

trends for the keyword “turkey” in the joined States, indigenous 2004 come present. Internet Search.

And as you deserve to guess, many Americans search for recipes on how to chef it and also places to buy their turkey.


Based ~ above Google Trends, the search term “turkey” is most well-known in the states of Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire, through Indiana and Vermont round off up the peak 5.

As for cities that are many obsessed by turkey, Nashville takes the crown through Washington, DC, and Louisville rounding up the height 3.


According to a famous belief, Benjamin Franklin initially wanted to do the wild turkey the nationwide bird the the US, rather of the fully eagle. However this is simply a myth. In a letter come his daughter, Franklin without doubt wrote the he found the turkey an ext respectable 보다 the bald eagle, i beg your pardon he considered a bird of negative moral character. However, this was never ever expressed publicly.

Happy Thanksgiving on instead of of every one of us at jajalger2018.org!

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We provided the attention index from Google patterns to location cities and also states making use of the search keyword “turkey”.

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