Once we’ve spent enough time in college, we choose to think that we’re entirely in manage whenever us go drink at a party or at the bars. However, alcohol have the right to be tricky. And also Everclear, the near-poison vodka, is the trickiest alcohol there is.

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This is most likely the only time okay disagree v Ron Swanson, because Everclear is probably the just wrong method to consume alcohol. It turns the ideal of united state into hot messes and can basically destroy your life. Plus, you don’t really recognize anything around it. Let’s readjust that.

1. Over there is literally no alcohol in visibility that’s much more potent.


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Everclear is 190-proof. Let me make the clear. The is 95% alcohol. By comparison, many rum and vodka clock in in between 40% to 60%, or 80 to 120-proof. Together of best now, Everclear is deemed the the strongest alcohol on earth: chemistry doesn’t permit anything more powerful than 191-proof come exist.

Some people basically think about it poison, but hey, a party is a party. Plus (as we’ll obtain to later), the federal government is so versus it the a bunch that states have tried to half it from sale.

2. It’s therefore pure, the doesn’t have room for the “bad stuff.”


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Because it has actually such a high alcohol content, yes sir no room in Everclear because that additives that plague so plenty of of our various other drinks. There isn’t added sugar or caffeine.

All you have to worry around is the street in the juice or soda girlfriend mix your Everclear with (please, please, please mix it). So ns guess it is 1 suggest for E-Clear?

3. Some states have made the illegal.


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It’s so poor that the literally illegal to buy the 190-proof in somewhere between 14 and also 16 says (nobody seems to agree top top the identify number). So the many state legislatures have gained together and said, “This is no okay.” these states encompass California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Iowa, Michigan, new York, Nevada, Ohio, Washington, north Carolina, brand-new Hampshire, and also Minnesota.

There are additionally some states, prefer Pennsylvania, whereby you deserve to only buy Everclear if you can prove beforehand that you’re not going come drink it, however are going to usage it for non-drinking functions (like cleaning). Somehow, that manages to find its method into every state’s party anyway.

4. The featured in the Guinness publication of human being Records.

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I mean, the pretty superior to it is in in the Guinness book of world Records. You most likely won’t be surprised why this booze make the cut.

It won the award because that “Most alcoholic Drink in the World.” So even though that could sound sort of exciting, take a second and snapshot how drunk you acquire on your lot lower-proof rum.

5. Like many drinks, the calories are type of crazy.

For one shooting (or 1.5 liquid ounces), Everclear clocks in at an uncomfortable 285 calories. (Comparison point: most difficult liquors clock in at approximately 96 calories every shot). To it is in fair, if she doing directly shots the Everclear, opportunities are you’re not so worried around calories as much as you’re trying come spiritually depart from the planet right into the netherworld.

If you’re no doing directly shots (the just semi-smart means to technique this), store in mind the your mixer has actually calories together well. Drinking on a diet is possible, but Everclear renders it tricky.

6. The machines of Everclear also sell a less potent version.

While likewise banned in part states, Everclear’s baby version is a 151-proof drink, or 75.5% alcohol. That seems much less intimidating when you think of part Bacardi 151 you may have had. It’s also come under fire much less in state legislature.

But don’t be fooled. Everclear will constantly mess friend up.

7. It’s odorless.

Be wary of tropical juice. Although most human being who’ve had actually Everclear have the right to know it by taste, some could not record it from mixed drink swigs. That doesn’t have actually the unique gasoline smell of most horribly potent liquors, therefore you might drink fairly a bit.

Then (see #1) the Everclear will catch up v you so rapid you may as well have to be drinking it all your life.

8. It’s do from modification corn.

This is an ext of one overlooked thing, but, don’t forget, drinking is basically like eating vegetables. Old, fermented vegetables.

And not just that, but they usage GMOs, or genetically modified organisms. So her fermented corn has actually been altered for the drink. GMOs no necessarily bad, yet they’re not always the finest thing.

9. The hangovers are different and also worse.

This is an suffer you deserve to share through anyone who’s had an Everclear hangover. If girlfriend haven’t had actually one, you nothing understand and you cannot understand.

An Everclear hangover is not a pounding headache and also a queasy stomach. One Everclear hangover is the feeling of looming misery and also self-disgust (although, part weirdos case it provides them no hangover in ~ all. Perhaps they nothing use any type of mixers.)

That, coupled with the understanding that you will do it be drinking it again the following night.

10. Drinker Beware: It will trick girlfriend every time.

This is accurate the many dangerous thing about Everclear and if girlfriend haven’t figured it the end yet, it’s well worth mentioning. No matter how many times you’ve had actually Everclear, you will certainly never be able to control her reaction to it. And also you will never drink “the right amount.”

Here’s the truth: you will certainly think you’re no drunk as soon as you start due to the fact that Everclear gets you drunk quicker than you can feel it. So you down a few extra drinks until the buzz kicks in and, at that point, you’re therefore drunk you’re drink it straight.

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