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MAIN Recreation sports football Super key LVI

It"s the ultimate NFL battle as the NFC and the AFC accomplish to compete for Super bowl glory -- in ~ the 56th edition of the supervisor Bowl.

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And it every happens ~ above Sunday, February 13, 2022 at SoFi stadion in Los Angeles airing live in the us on NBC.

2022 NFL Playoff base on the roadway to Super bowl 56

Super bowl Commercials the various other reason we track in super Bowl funny Facts! munch on these tidbits collection Up a Football pool place her bets

2022 Super key TV schedule & kickoff

US fans will watch Super bowl 56 play out nationwide top top February 13 beginning at 6 afternoon ET ~ above NBC tv with kickoff time collection for 6:30 afternoon ET. (That"s 5:30 pm Central, 4:30 afternoon Mountain, and also 3:30 pm Pacific time.) increase north, CTV traditionally covers the game for Canada when American football pan in Australia can tune in under Under during live coverage on ESPN and One HD. throughout the pond, (and five hours front of united state East shore time) the live game is seen throughout the wee hrs on BBC and also Sky sporting activities in the UK.

Super bowl halftime show

Once the two peak teams are prepared to play, and advertisers have their Super key commercials ready to air, every that"s necessary is a superstar for the halftime show.

In the past, performers have had to it is in flashy to fill the 15 minutes allotted.The Weeknd stormed the stage last year, when the hot dual of J-Lo and Shakira fill the bill in 2020.

Rap and also hip hop pan rejoice as a stellar lineup require to the phase at the 2022 Super key halftime display starring Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kenrick Lamar, Dr. Dre and also Mary J. Blige.

So who will take it it this year?

Already announced in ~ the end of September 2021 is the long-awaited all-rap variation of the Super key Halftime Show and also -- acquire this -- featuring Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, mary J Blige & Kendrick Lamar for a Super key halftime present for the ages.

Meanwhile, this year"s OTHER huge Super key Sunday entertainment for kids of all ages -- the 2022 Puppy bowl -- will certainly be televised the exact same afternoon on animal Planet on the discovery Channel at 3PM ET.

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Of course, the battle of the NFL superstar wouldn"t be complete without Super key party ideas, supervisor Bowl history stats and also trivia, and also a walk down memory lane v the most renowned Super key ads & advertising of every time...


Super Bowl background & Trivia

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Super key Commercials

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Super bowl Party Ideas

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