The island that Maui is comprised of many different sub-climates. Relying on where friend are, the weather can act in a multitude that ways. Because that the most part, every area has a basic weather pattern. Listed below we"ve provided the weather that each part of the island generally holds.


Maui Weather through Region

Because that the warmth ocean airflow, the West Maui Mountains acquire a most rain. The Iao Valley rarely sees a day without some type of precipitation. Wailuku town is located over here and also some of top West Maui like Honolua Bay. Every one of these areas are lush and also green due to the near-constant wet weather. If it is raining, inspect out points to do once it rains in Maui.

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Leeward West

Similar come the south of Maui, many of the leeward side of West Maui is situated on reduced ground near the coast. This area is warmer, sunnier, and also drier 보다 the rest of the island. We do notification that Lahaina town often tends to gain a little an ext rain than Kihei area in comparison. The additional up you walk in West Maui, the more wet it will certainly get. You"ll discover the landscape becomes much more diverse and also lush. In the summer, the west side of Maui is topic to wild brush fires from the dried heat.

Central Valley

The central valley of Maui incorporates Maalaea, part of north Kihei, and also Kahului. This area is dry and windy. Maui is made up of two huge mountainous regions with a valley in between it. The sink is house to mostly sugar cane fields, and is commonly sunny between the cloudy mountains.

Leeward Halekala

Leeward Haleakala is composed of south Maui and most that Up nation Maui. Southern Maui is home to Kihei, Wailea, and Makena. These locations get the the very least amount the rain on the island. This isn"t saying the it doesn"t rain. Some components of Makena and also Wailea get much more rain 보다 others, and Kihei"s Maui meadows gets more rain and is cooler than the reduced parts the Kihei. Generally, the greater in elevation, the cooler it gets, and also Maui"s elevation alters drastically within miles of itself. Specific portions that Makena have actually a constant stream that clouds flow in a strip from Kahoolawe to the crater summit. Southern components of large Beach (Makena Beach) room covered through this cloud development frequently. Upcountry Maui is lot cooler and wet than south Maui. The key is considerably greater here, i m sorry is conducive to an ext rain and colder air. The ancient Hawaiians that lived top top this next of Maui would take trip up the slopes to the upcountry throughout the summer and also live in southern Maui because that the remainder of the year.

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Windward Haleakala

The windward side of Haleakala is home to Hana and everything ~ above the road to Hana. This area is the wettest due to the fact that of Haleakala"s high slopes. Profession winds are responsible because that blowing in moist waiting from the ocean, which Haleakala deflects up its slopes. Once the saturation air cools v altitude, that rains. This is the same for the windward side of the West Maui Mountains. The leeward political parties of both this mountainous regions are blocked from the rain and also get very tiny precipitation. The Windward next of Haleakala have rain over 3/4 the the year. As soon as you journey the roadway to Hana, you"ll most likely get wet in ~ one suggest or another.

Haleakala Summit

The Summit the Haleakala is a totally different world. V the look and also feel of our moon"s landscape, the crater that Haleakala is large and high. Towering to end 10,000 ft, Haleakala Crater frequently reaches below zero in temperature and has on occasion also snowed. Dress warmly as soon as visiting this area, and also remember to perform this especially when you walk on a helicopter tourism of the crater. If you"re planning on recording the sunrise or sunset in ~ the summit, save in mind the it is cloudy much more often than not. If it"s clear, you"ll have a view like no other. That feels as though you"re on peak of the world, and also in reality, you are!


From the crater in ~ Haleakala"s summit, you deserve to watch Maui weather gift made. On a generally warm day, trade winds carry moisture-laden air increase the northeast slopes that Haleakala. Together the moisture rises, the cools and condenses right into the cloud class that frequently rings the mountain. Rising warmth air often pushes the clouds up with Ko"olau Gap and Kaupo Gap. Together the evening air colls, the clouds drain out of the valley and also the cycle begins again.Haleakala influences weather all roughly the volcano. Average yearly rainfall varies from about 400 inch (10.16m) in the high-elevation rain forest over Hana come 10 customs (25 cm) in Kihei, only about 15 minutes apart. Because temperatures drop about 3.2F (1.3C) every 1,000feet (305m), the summit the Haleakala is roughly 32F (13C) cooler 보다 the beaches.

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Average Maui Weather by the Month

December, January, February

These months have actually the shortest temperatures for the year. Keep in mind the it"s tho plenty heat in plenty of areas. With constant showers, these winter month are residence to the wettest Maui weather that the year. In January, tradewinds only blow fifty percent as lot as they execute in the summer. Transparent the winter, normally from November come March, large North Swells create large surf on our North and Northwest encountering beaches. The s temperature is roughly 75 F, and the wait temperature averages between 65-80 levels F depending on which area you"re in, and closer to 64-79 degrees F in Hana.

March, April, May

We find this time of year come be lot like a mix between September, October, November. Some days are heat and above 80, others space chilly in the low 70s. We acquire plenty of rain still, depending on when she on island. Whales are still approximately a bit, though leaving the islands. Again, save in mind that the weather is different across the island depending upon your region. Anytime the year it have the right to be dumping rain in Haiku and gorgeous top top the beaches that Kihei. Hurricane-windy in Paia and calm in Lahaina. We have virtually every micro-climate, so if you’re seeing an 85% chance of rain, take into consideration driving because that 10 minutes in any direction.

June, July

You"ll discover Maui summers to be the many crowded v visitors due to the fact that it"s hot and dry. By currently Hana has recorded up and also is warmer at times than the remainder of the island. June is extremely dry for Maui and trades blow virtually always. With most of Maui in ~ 69-87 levels F, you"ll uncover it sunny and also warm most everywhere. Among the major pluses in the consistent Trade winds is there propensity to cool things down. Be wary of the sun! with the wind come a disillusionment the how hot the sun really is on your skin. Wear sunblock ~ above exposed locations at all times. You have the right to be the end for simply 5 minutes and also turn into a lobster.

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August, September

These months on Maui are the pinnacles that summer heat. This is frequently the most humid the the summer months. Maui ocean water temperatures are from 79 come 80 levels Fahrenheit. Maui waiting temperatures space from 70-80 levels F depending on the area. Hana starts to gain cooler and drops to between 70-84 levels F throughout these critical summer months. The Pacific s sees dry Hurricanes within this months, yet are hardly ever close to the Hawaiian Islands.

October, November

are transitional months on Maui from summer come winter. Through a tiny rain, a couple of degrees in temperature, and also an occasional storm, Maui"s winter begins to action in. Average temperatures are from 68-88 levels F and 68-83 F in Hana. Ocean temperatures are between 77 F and 79 F in October and also November. Keep in mind that the winter in Maui really isn"t a classic winter. The differences between seasons in Maui room not all that significant relatively. Weather distinctions on Maui are an ext strongly i found it by location on the island 보다 by what time that year that is.