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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood narrates the epic tale of two brothers in search of the mythical, omnipotent object—the Philosopher’s Stone. In the past, the Elric brothers, Edward and also Alphonse, cursed the taboo. Castle tried to carry their dead mother back to life making use of alchemy. Unfortunately, the plot backfired, leaving castle both bloodied and mutilated.

And so, to redeem themselves and also prevent future tragedies native occurring, the brothers have chose to work as state alchemists. They’re currently tracking the Philosopher’s stone in stimulate to reclaim their bodies and also discover the truth around alchemy and also the world. Equilibrium have to be preserved no issue what—it’s the legislation of alchemy!

This anime is one of the most well-known shows that garnered the awe of countless watchers. Think me, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is no plain shounen/action/adventure anime! It has actually a thick plot, good art, eye-candy fight scenes, and an smart development. No wonder it’s taken into consideration epic and also one that the finest anime in existence.

With whatever said, I’m right here to share five titles similar to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Don’t hold your breath now since you’re in because that a tremble ride!

Anime comparable to 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood'

Fate/ZeroNanatsu no Taizai (The 7 Deadly Sins)Hunter X HunterCode GeassMagi: The Labyrinth the Magic


1. Fate/Zero

“What perform you desire?”

Is it power? Is that fortune? Or is it more anime to watch?

Well, the divine Grail has actually heard your wish because one of the anime you’re trying to find here. It is none various other than—Fate/Zero!

In Fate/Zero, over there exists a divine Grail that can grant any type of wish. As result of its existence, three divine Grail Wars have transpred in the past. Unfortunately, all 3 wars surrendered no clean victor. What was borne instead was pure suffering, tragedy, and also misery.

Now come the 4th Holy Grail War! They speak it’s going come be different from the past three wars. Yet will it yes, really be? With seven participants—each through their own an effective ancient familiars—battling it the end for survival, who will victory this brutal competition and succeed in obtaining a great from the all-powerful holy Grail?

With action and fight scene surpassing the of many other titles, Fate/Zero stays to be among the shows that deserve to literally put you top top the edge of her seat. This is the factor why I’m to compare it through Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. That is jam-packed with action, and it possesses a twisted of darkness. Moreover, that storyline in general—with every its dialogues—is fairly a masterwork! watch it and also you will never regret a single 2nd of it.


2. Nanatsu no Taizai (The seven Deadly Sins)

Seven deadly Sins? Isn’t that the surname of the group of villains native Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood? Well, it sure is! girlfriend are certainly not mistaken. However then again, we’re just talking around similitudes here. Having actually said that, let’s talk around Nanatsu no Taizai and just how it matches up with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood!

Nanatsu no Taizai tells the story of just how the many dangerous criminal team in the entire continent—the 7 Deadly Sins—came to be the last remaining hope of the world.

Something devastating is pulling the strings indigenous the shadow, and what that is act is certainly evil and harmful. Hence, the world is in danger, and also the only ones that deserve to save it room the 7 Deadly Sins. But can they really be trusted? are they yes, really criminals in the an initial place? What were their sins? One thing is for sure—the civilization has no an option but to seek their help!

Just prefer Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Nanatsu no Taizai is one adventure/shounen anime series. As a issue of fact, it has an even grander adventure 보다 the former! Its activity sequences are likewise to dice for! every little thing is so an excellent there’s simply no helping however to crave for more. Last however not the least, we have its ‘larger 보다 life’ plot. There seems to be something hidden in the dark that’s just waiting to surprise everyone. Well, that’s because that you to discover out!


3. Hunter X Hunter

If you’re in search of a show that is actually fairly ingenious however still is superbly exciting, climate Hunter X Hunter is the answer.

Hunter X Hunter tells the tale of the epos adventure that Gon Freecs and also friends. At period 12, Gon sets the end to become a hunter. As to why, it’s since he desires to search for his father who’s reportedly a legendary hunter himself.

Gon eagerly wants to discover why being a hunter is much more important to his father than personally raising him up. Thus, Gon partakes in one of the most dangerous yet most prestigious examinations in the world—the Hunter Licensure Examination!

Similar to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Hunter X Hunter isn’t about venting pure energy and also blasting power approximately aimlessly. It’s around letting the facets of tactic and strategy flow approximately the action and wrap it in brilliance. That’s what provides this display special. And also have i told you anything about its story yet? Well, for that, friend just have actually to find out yourself!


4. Code Geass

Considering the reality that Code Geass is a significant masterpiece in each and every one of its aspects, it’s to no surprised that it would certainly be on this list.

Code Geass follows the world-shaking narrative of the exiled prince of Britannia, Lelouch Lamperouge. It all begins with Lelouch getting recorded in the clash between the terrorists and the government. On that day, Lelouch meets the mysterious C.C. That then grants him the power called Geass. Thenceforth, everything changes abruptly!

Lelouch now has the strength of pure obedience. One look and also anyone will obey him there is no question. It is the beginning. That is the genesis. V a power that is so significant it might even adjust the people for good, Lelouch start his conquest of fulfilling his deepest desires.

There’s not just plenty of activity in Code Geass, there’s also a the majority of mind-blowing scenes. Actually, the entirety of that is mind-twisting! with the conspiracies, the psychic games, and also the schemes walk around, Code Geass is an anime the you should watch if you’re a fan of Fullmetal Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Actually, even if you’re no fan that Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, you need to watch this! ns guarantee that you would reap it come a very high degree.

5. Magi: The Labyrinth that Magic

From alchemy, let’s currently proceed to pure magic. Wait, organize my staff for a moment because I’m about to fall a title that’s so magical and whimsical it’ll dazzle you to no end. The anime I’m talking about is none other than—Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic!

Throughout the world, secret labyrinths dubbed “Dungeons” have proliferated choose weeds. That is stated that as soon as one conquers a labyrinth, significant fame, power, and wealth awaits! yet is the all there is to it? In actuality, the one who conquers a dungeon, becomes a king—a king the is tasked to overview the people into balance.

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In one corner of the world, a mysterious boy by the name of Aladdin appears! the is no simple being. He is a magi that possesses large knowledge and also power. As such, the comes with a responsibility—the obligation of picking virtuous kings and safeguarding the flow of fate.

Equilibrium and balance—these space what both the human beings of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and also Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic space trying to protect. Well, without balance, over there is chaos. And with chaos, there is no balance. The is how necessary the principle of equilibrium is. Then, we have actually the moral issues, and also of course, the adventure. In one means or another, there’s bound come be part resemblance in between the two. But most essential of all, ns recommend Magi: The Labyrinth the Magic because that you come watch since it is utterly marvelous and rattling!