The 3 primary formats used come tell a life story room a biography, an autobiography, and also a memoir. Distinguishing in between the three have the right to feel a little bit confusing due to the fact that they every share numerous similarities. However there room some unique differences.

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Simply put, a story is the life background of an individual, created by who else. An autobiography is the story that a person’s life, composed by that person. And also a memoir is a repertoire of memories written by the human themselves.

What is a Biography?

A biography, likewise called a bio, is a non-fiction item of work providing an target account the a who life. The main difference between a story vs. One autobiography is that the author of a story is no the subject.

Biographies encompass details of key events that shaped the subject’s life, and also information around their birthplace, education, work, and also relationships. Biographers usage a number of research sources, including interviews, letters, diaries, photographs, essays, reference books, and newspapers. When a story is typically in the created form, it can be created in other layouts such together music ingredient or film.

Examples of famed biographies include:

His Excellency: George Washington by Joseph J. EllisEinstein: The Life and also Times by Ronald william ClarkPrincess Diana – A story of The Princess of Wales by drew L. Crichton

What is an Autobiography?

An autobiography is the story that a person’s life composed by the person. Because the author is also the main character the the story, autobiographies space written in the first person.

The objective of one autobiography is come portray the life experience and success of the author. Therefore, many autobiographies room written later on in the subject’s life.

They often start during beforehand childhood and also chronologically detail an essential events throughout your life. Autobiographies usually incorporate information about where a human being was born and also brought up, your education, career, life experiences, the difficulties they faced, and also their vital achievements.

One of the key differences between an autobiography vs. A biography is the autobiographies often tend to be an ext subjective. That’s because they room written by the subject, and also present the facts based upon their own memories of a particular situation, which have the right to be biased.

Examples of famed autobiographies include:

The Story of my Life by Helen KellerThe Diary that a Young Girl by anne FrankLosing mine Virginity by Richard Branson

What is a Memoir?

Memoir originates from the French word mémoire, meaning memory or reminiscence. Comparable to an autobiography, a memoir is the story the a who life written by the person.

The difference in between a memoir vs. An autobiography is that a memoir focuses on reflection and establishing an emotionally connection, fairly than just presenting the facts about their life. The writer uses their an individual knowledge to tell an intimate and emotional story about the exclusive or public happenings in their life. The subject is deliberately focused and also does not encompass biographical or chronological elements of the author’s life uneven they room meaningful and relevant to the story.

Examples of famed memoirs include:

Angela’s Ashes by open minded McCourtI understand Why the Caged Bird Sings through Maya AngelouPersonal Memoirs the Ulysses S.

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provide by Ulysses S. Grant

Autobiography vs. Biography vs. Memoir compare Chart

An account the a who lifeAn account that one’s very own lifeA an individual account the a specific time or experience
Written in the 3rd personWritten in the first personWritten in the an initial person
Presents information collected from the subject, your acquaintances, or from other sourcesPresents facts together they were proficient by the personPresents facts together they were competent by the person
Written to inform and establish a contextWritten come inform and explain the motivation and thoughts behind actions and decisionsWritten come reflect on and also explore the emotion of one experience
Has limited access come the subject’s thoughts and feelingsOffers accessibility to personal thoughts and feelingsOffers accessibility to personal thoughts, feelings, reactions, and reflections
Can be composed anytimeUsually written later on in lifeCan be written anytime


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