Is Neil Armstrong still alive? below is every little thing you must know about the astronaut and very first man on the Moon

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The three famed astronauts who were a jajalger2018.orgmponent of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing (Image: Getty Images)

What to be Neil's very first words on the Moon?

In the historic moment that experienced Neil Armstrong be the very first human to step onto the Moon, that radioed earlier to Earth:

"The Eagle has actually landed. That's one little step because that man, one large leap for mankind."

The term Eagle to be in rejajalger2018.orgmmendation to the name of the lunar module.

Is Neil Armstrong tho alive?

Neil died on august 25, 2012, age 82.

He underwent a love bypass operation and died a few weeks later from jajalger2018.orgmplications resulting from the procedure.

Shortly after ~ his death, his household released a statement: "For those who may ask what they have the right to do to respect Neil, we have a an easy request. Respect his instance of service, acjajalger2018.orgmplishment and modesty, and the following time friend walk exterior on a clear night and see the moon smiling down at you, think the Neil Armstrong and also give him a wink."

Moon landing anniversary

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