Virgo summary

The zodiac sign of someone born top top September 15th is Virgo. The date ranges for your authorize starts ~ above August, 23rd and also ends ~ above September, 24th. There space 30 work in this period.

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Here's the deal:Being born under the Maiden constellation, you tend to be seriouslyReliability,Intelligence,Modesty,andReserved.Virgos are always very open minded. They room constantly thinking, analyzing, and also striving to better themselves.

Weekly Horoscope

What you should know:

Good energies are abundant within friend this bicycle making a good time to press your limits creatively and also intellectually.

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Elemental Traits

- her element

The wordly element linked to you through your authorize is Earth. Planet is best associated with stability, level headed, and rationality. Often identified by slow thought the end decisions, this element likes to approach problems through a consistent methodical approach. Although very consistent and also normally gentle mannered, planet can be astonishingly stubborn and will rarely readjust their minds or ideas due to peer pressure. It's ideal to provide someone through the earth element a exceedingly long time come make big decisions, and also not pressure any significant changes right into their stays too quickly, or abruptly.

You space 23% Libra, here's why this matters


Zodiac and Horoscope signs and also traits are figured out by the phases of the planets, i m sorry constellations you are born under, and also draw energies from. Generally we have set dates for these astrological periods, yet this doesn't phone call the totality story! The phases that the constellations are just that, phases! there is not difficult start or finish to them because they mix together. For this reason if you room born close to the start or finish of a phase, friend will experience traits native both. In your case, you room born under the Virgo phase, however are only 8 days away from the Libra phase. Together a 23% Libra you often tend to be the following :

established Hard working Patient cautious Diplomatic Bottom line?

Libras are professional diplomats, and also make girlfriend where ever before they go. Have actually expensive tastes and also a good work ethic.