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phil walk corrosion decrease the load of the metal or no ? check out All
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Phil:Corrosion that a block of metal - Iron to Iron Oxide (rust), Aluminum come Bauxite, Cooper to Cupric-oxide, or otherwise - go not adjust the load of the steel in the system. If does adjust the load of the object itself. As long as the object is undisturbed the the weight will increase because of the addition of oxygen molecules. The density of the object will certainly go under for a number of reasons: oxygen is lighter than the metal and the resulting molecule is larger. Likewise remember that metallic oxides quickly slough turn off the parent object. Together the parent object is handled or otherwise disturbed it is relatively easy to eliminate some the the the loosened material. This will make it show up that the initial object has lost weight, but it is no much longer the same object. 12 years earlier Source: 0 0
vittorio6 Corrosion is the degradation of a metal. Once the steel corrode an oxide will type on the surface ar exposed to the corrosive medium (water, air..) and the weight increse "cause the oxide is created by , because that example, stole + oxygen Fe2O3 or Fe3O4 the weight more than Fe. Yet this is simply one case of corrosion, stole + oxygen, over there are plenty of different species of corrosion instrument for various materials. The oxides space not therefore aderent to the metal surface and so possibly at an initial there is boost in weight but the final result is a ns of metal and weight. 12 years ago Source: http://www.unene.ca/un1001/UN1001_BasicCorroisonMeasurements.ppt http://www.corrosionist.com
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