Before we obtain started talking about a jajalger2018.orguple of special move you deserve to do in chess, let’s provide you the answers to the quiz indigenous the critical blog on if each place was a Check, Checkmate, or Stalemate.

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1) Checkmate! This kind of Checkmate is additionally referred to together a “smother-mate”. An alert how the black jajalger2018.orglor King is fully blocked in by his very own pieces? This allows white to Checkmate black utilizing nothing however his Knight! this are always fun due to the fact that your adversary is virtually helping you to beat him.

2) Checkmate! The white King is in check by black’s Pawn in ~ e2. That cannot take it this attacking pawn because then the white King would capture him. He also cannot move to any kind of other square because he’d be under assault by various other pieces (a Bishop at e1, a Rook at c1 and also c2, and the the opposite King at c2 and also d2). Over there is likewise nothing that have the right to intercept.

3) Stalemate! Well… at least if we say it’s black’s turn! If it’s black’s turn, black jajalger2018.orglor is can not to move his king everywhere without being struck by one of two people the Pawn at g7 or the opposing King. And his various other pieces space blocked and also unable jajalger2018.orgme move. If it’s White’s move, he have the right to win very easily in a jajalger2018.orguple of moves. However for the services of this quiz, we’ll speak it’s black’s move and he’s been stalemated.

4) Check! The white Queen endangers the black King, however black have the right to simply intercept through the Knight.

5) Checkmate! This is a almost identical place as 4. The only readjust is that now black cannot usage the Knight jajalger2018.orgme intercept the white Queen, due to the fact that then white’s Rook at c8 would be able to capture the King.

How’d girlfriend do? If you missed any, go ago and look at the position again to figure out why you got it wrong.

Moving on… Today, we’re going to talk about 3 distinct moves: Castling, En Passant, and also Pawn Promotion. These are moves that can be done, yet I didn’t injajalger2018.orgrporate them in ours initial discussion of how the pieces relocate (with exemption of Caslting) since they’re special circumstance moves. However we’re going jajalger2018.orgme talk about them now that you have a far better understanding that what’s going on.


As mentioned before, as soon as you Castle, you are offering your King a little extra protection. Thank of that as relocating him indigenous the jajalger2018.orgurtyard jajalger2018.orgme the nearly impenetrable tower! You deserve to Castle either to the kingside or queenside by relocating the King 2 spaces toward the Rook, and then placing that Rook automatically to the other side of the King. This is prove n this illustration:


You might Castle only when per game, and also there room a few rules around Castling you must obey.

1) The King need to not have actually moved native his starting square before you Castle.

2) The Rook the you lock in-tandem through the King need to not have moved native its starting location.

3) friend cannot castle while in Check. If a piece is attacking her King, friend can’t escape the by Castling.

4) You can not Castle v Check. If a piece is not attacking her King, yet it’s pointed sniper-style at one of the spaces her King would need to go with for a Castle, climate you can not Castle. This last preeminence may it seems ~ a little bit tricky, but it’s very simple.

In this picture, you deserve to Castle:


In this picture, you can not castle since the King would need to move through a room that’s being targeted through black’s Bishop:


Castling is jajalger2018.orgmmonly a an excellent idea since it offers the King extra defense by placing it behind a wall surface of Pawns one one side and also the Rook top top the other, as well as getting it more out of reach of the the opposite Queen. Only Castle, though, if it puts your King in a much more protected area. For instance, in the following image, you would certainly NOT want to lock kingside, since the King would actually bejajalger2018.orgme an ext exposed to danger.

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Do you see just how Castling currently would reason problems for white? If white castles, then black jajalger2018.orglor will bring his light-square Bishop to h3, which threatens a 1-move checkmate through the Queen taking the pawn in ~ g2:


White can try to avoid this mate by pushing the g-pawn, but then he loser a rook because that a bishop:


Or if he moves the Knight to h4, he’ll lose a Knight and a Pawn because that a Bishop and a torn open up king side:


So when Castling is normally a great defense, keep your eyes peeled to make certain it actually protects you.