World of Warcraft's mists of Pandaria expansion pack has actually been given a release date of 25 September.

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It will be the fourth expansion to the video clip game and also is draft to save players interested in the location which is almost eight year old.

Activision Blizzard last reported the the game had 10.2 million subscribers at the finish of March, under from more than 12 million in 2010.

Its bulk shareholder - France's Vivendi - has reportedly hired two investment financial institutions to sound the end buyers for its 60% stake in the business.

Reuters reported that Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Time Warner and Chinese internet giant Tencent have actually all been approached however none had been ready to accomplish an asking price of over $10bn (£6.5bn).

It said that Vivendi was currently considering lowering its target price and also could finish up selling the stake come Activision Blizzard's executives if they can secure the cash because that a administration buyout.

The mists of Pandaria upgrade will allow players to "uncover the ancient mysteries" of a shed continent populated by panda bears experienced in martial arts.


It will be made obtainable both via retailers and also online, in one of two people a traditional edition or deluxe version, featuring a book and also music CD.

Activision Blizzard claimed WoW remained the "world's most popular subscription-based massively multiplayer virtual role-playing game", but it deals with competition from more recent rivals.

EA has invested greatly in its Star Wars: The Old Republic; Funcom newly released The secret World - a title motivated by the fear writer HP Lovecraft; and also both Arenanet's Guild wars 2 and also Bethesda's Elder Scrolls Online room on the horizon.

Most hardcore gamers only had time to effectively play one MMORPG at a time, stated Ed Barton, manager of digital media at Strategy Analytics. Yet he claimed the new release have to secure loyalty to WoW for numerous years to come.

"But together we have actually seen in the past as soon as the title is confronted with together competition there is a downward spike in subscribers, yet most return as soon as an upgrade is released.

"The bigger risk is to work Blizzard's following MMORPG, codenamed Titan, i beg your pardon we suppose to be released in 2015. We know the firm's key an innovative teams are currently working top top that fairly than human being of Warcraft itself."


Sam Raimi was attached to a WoW movie due to the fact that 2009 - long before the Pandaria growth pack's release

WoW may gain a further boost from the release of a live activity movie based upon the game's universe.

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Spider-Man trilogy director Sam Raimi had originally been associated with the project, however recently told the news site Crave virtual that production firm Legendary Pictures had replaced him after he had become connected in a sorcerer’s of Oz prequel.

" don't have me directing civilization of Warcraft any more because when I take it the Oz job, they had to relocate on to an additional director," the said. "They had actually to begin making it."