My female Australian Shepherd puppy is about three months old. I have actually never had actually a dog before, and I desire to know when she will enter heat, how often this happens, and what I have to do to prevent pregnancy and also a litter that puppies.

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With a clean afternoon front of me, I determined to figure out what I wanted to understand by using the internet and other resources.

How frequently Do Australian Shepherds go into Heat?

Australian Shepherds get in heat double a year, around every six months. When the Aussie has her very first season of heat, i m sorry is individual to each dog, that day determines once the next heat will occur and so soon throughout your lives.

This is usual for various other dog breeds and the Australian Shepherd, and also other dog breeds will enter season or heat every six months or double per year. During their season or as soon as they room in heat, Australian Shepherds can become pregnant and also eventually provide a litter of babies if they room not spayed.

When will My Australian Shepherd get in Heat?

When an Australian Shepherd goes right into season or heat for the first time, it is usually sometime in between six months and twelve month of age.

In the grand course of one Australian Shepherd’s life, the female can potentially even go into season or warm a full of 3 times throughout some years, depending upon when lock occur. For instance, January, climate again in approximately June/July, and then again about December.

Each woman dog, regardless of breed, will have their bodily timetable once this happens, and also the first cycle perpetuates the others after it.

When will certainly My Australian Shepherd avoid Going into Heat?

Female Australian Shepherds, like other dog breeds, perform not go into menopause as human beings do. Therefore, that is no unheard of to view a senior or progressed age female Australian Shepherd giving birth to a litter of puppies.

During the female’s season or heat, precautions have to be bring away to protect against pregnancy if the family or owner doesn’t want a surprised litter the puppies and also has made decision not come spay your female dog at the time.


Like humans, health issues can affect how frequently an Australian Shepherd goes into heat and also other facets of your reproductive life, including exactly how they behave once in season.

Health worries can influence this bike of a woman Australian Shepherd’s life, together health issues can impact many locations of the body.

Health does variable into once the an initial season or warmth starts and how the persons proceeding the happen. Health, diet, exercise, and stress can affect the season a female dog has and also how they behave before, during, and also after.

Therefore, if a woman dog has a health and wellness issue, that is finest to consult your veterinarian to discuss alternatives for preventing pregnancy or spaying.

Australian Shepherds do not get in menopause like human females, which means that precautions to protect against pregnancy must constantly be taken for safety and also well-being and also controlling the abandoned pet pet population in shelters.

Should i Spay mine Australian Shepherd?

For those owner that don’t wish for your Australian Shepherd to have puppies, that is probably finest to have actually them spayed to provide peace that mind unless there is some wellness reason why this have to not be done. Because that example, clinical studies display that spayed females don’t have actually tumors and cancer of your reproductive organs because the organs space removed.


Some owners may have mixed feelings around performing such surgical procedure on their pets, and also their options are individual. For example, some female dogs may be enabled to go into their first season, and then they are spayed, as some individuals feel this is better for the dog emotionally and mentally.

Whether or not this is the case remains to be seen as there is no hard foundational proof that dogs who enter their first season are emotionally or holy ghost healthier.

It is common for Australian Shepherds to enter season around six to twelve months and then continue every six months for your life. Still, health problems can aspect into this, and should a woman dog not enter season at a specific time when the pet parents think it is around time. The is best to consult your doctor.

Can mine Australian Shepherd go into Heat previously Than six Months?

Yes, an Australian Shepherd can go into heat sooner than 6 months together each dog is unique, and also its human body will build in the own specific way. So, over there is a low possibility that this will certainly happen, yet it deserve to occur.

On the flip side, it is also feasible that an Australian Shepherd will enter their first heat or season after a year, but this is additionally a short chance. Usually, once this worry happens, that is regarded health worries or genetics.

How have to I Prepare for My Dog’s Heat?

The best way to prepare for as soon as your woman Australian Shepherd goes right into season if you select not come spay your dog is, to start with, the right mindset.

This is a process that can have your female dog acting in different way than usual because of her hormonal and bodily changes. On height of that, physical changes occur, which have the right to sometimes be difficult for some pet parents.

There will certainly be blood top top the physics side, which have the right to be both how amazing and an overwhelming for part pet parental to handle. The is helpful at this time if pet parental invest in unique diapers for dogs that protect against this blood from ending up anywhere in or about the house, specifically on blankets, furnishings, or carpets.

Since there will be blood during this time, a blanket, towel, or rag that sorts that is simply for your pup would be a good idea right now if a doggie diaper is not used.

This blanket, towel, or rag will be placed where your female dog lays and rests, and it deserve to be moved around. Lot of towels or rags deserve to be supplied for she to place on if she has many spots and the pet parental doesn’t wish to move the towel around.

Also, it have the right to be valuable to periodically check locations that the dog has been because that stains and also do a fast clean-up as essential as blood have the right to stain if left untreated.

It is essential currently to ensure that your dog eats nutritious food and also has many of water to save her healthy. Offering extra restroom breaks have the right to be beneficial too.

Since this is a common bodily procedure for her dog, it is vital to it is in positive and also loving and also never harsh in ~ this time. This is a phase the will eventually pass, and while it might be stressful because that you and your dog, the an ext relaxed girlfriend are, the much better you both will certainly feel.

On the emotional side of things, her female Australian Shepherd will likely end up being cuddlier and more loveable at this time, needing extra attention. So be all set by freeing up time in your day come share love and attention as well as extra cuddle time.

During this phase, it will certainly be essential to be vigilant and an extremely watchful of her female dog’s whereabouts and also where masculine dogs are, too, whether they room yours, the neighbors, or someone else.

Male dog are infamous for aggressive habits when they notice the odor of females roughly them that space in season. Diligence and also keeping your dog alongside you, even while exterior using the bathroom, can ensure the no surprised litters the puppies happen.

While this may seem prefer a lot come do, the different for those pets parents the don’t want to address this is spaying their female. However, if that is no an option, the periods of a dog’s reproductive bike only happen every six months, so they need to be manageable.

Closing Points

All-female dogs enter season. When it wake up is based upon their first season or heat. ~ that, the procedure repeats because that the remainder of your life every 6 months.

Female dog will have actually two warmth seasons per year, but in part instances, they might occasionally have actually three.

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While this time have the right to be stressful because that both dog and pet parents, that doesn’t have to be, with a bit of preparation and the right mindset.