Atlanta Falcons vast receiver Mohamed Sanu (12) celebrates with broad receiver Aldrick Robinson (19) after ~ a touchdown catch after the game throughout the very first quarter in the 2017 NFC Championship game at the Georgia Dome. (John David Mercer | USA this day Sports)

The Atlanta Falcons -- that trounced the environment-friendly Bay Packers on Sunday in the NFC Championship Game and will advance to Super bowl LI (51) come play the Pittsburgh Steelers or new England Patriots on Feb. 5, 2017 -- have showed up in just one supervisor Bowl.

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The Falcons shed to the Denver Broncos, 34-19, in Super bowl XXXIII at agree Player stadium in Miami on Jan. 31, 1999.

MIAMI -- it turned out the Broncos go not need to worry around winning this Super bowl for john Elway. He took treatment of win it because that them.

If this was undoubtedly the last game of the quarterback's illustrious career, it might not have been any type of sweeter than Denver's 34-19 victory last night end the Falcons in Super key XXXIII at pro Player Stadium. Not only was Elway called the game's MVP, yet he also won his 2nd straight championship, this one at the price of his former coach and also nemesis, Dan Reeves.

The Broncos (17-2), who led 31-6 in the 4th quarter, came to be the seventh team to success consecutive at sight Bowls.

Elway dodged questions about his speculated retirement but may discover it difficult to stand up to the temptation to aid the Broncos end up being the an initial team to capture three super Bowls in a row.

''You've acquired to love those challenges, " Elway said. "We've acquired the team and also the nucleus below to carry out it. Choose I said, it absolutely throws a kink in mine thinking. ... I'll cross that bridge later on on. I don't also want come talk around retirement appropriate now. I'm going to gain this a little bit."

Coach Mike Shanahan, that came out on top in his feud with Reeves, said: "I don't know if it's John's last game, however there's a good chance it might be. If it is, what far better way to go out? We've got a bunch of males in the locker room make the efforts to to convince him to three-peat. I don't understand if they're having any type of luck."

Alas, the Falcons (16-3), those Dirty Birds, to be unable to finish their very own sentimental journey. Simply six weeks after experience quadruple bypass surgery, Reeves shed his 4th Super Bowl as a head coach. No shame in losing to the Broncos, whose 46 win the past three periods are an NFL record.

''I called the football player the highest possible of high is to success a championship game, and the lowest of lows is to shed a at sight Bowl, " Reeves said. "It's been an unbelievable 6 weeks. We simply didn't pat well, and I knew if we didn't play fine we'd gain beat."

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