College: northern IowaUndrafted in 1994Debuted in 1998 for the St. Louis RamsLast played in 2009 for the Arizona Cardinals
Rated #90 NFL player that all-time through (#27 in windy Vote)2× First-team All-Pro (1999, 2001)Walter Payton guy of the Year award (2008)Bart Starr male of the Year compensation (2009)First QB to litter 3 TD passes in each of his first 3 gamesMost yards pass in a playoff project (1,156 in 2008)Holds peak 3 passing records for Super key games
Pass attempts
Pass completions2,666
Passing yards32,344
QB Rating93.7
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Kurtis Eugene Warner (born June 22, 1971) is an American former football quarterback. He played because that three national Football league (NFL) teams: the St. Louis Rams, the new York Giants, and the Arizona Cardinals. That was originally signed by the eco-friendly Bay Packers together an undrafted cost-free agent in 1994 after playing college football at northern Iowa.

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Warner went on to be thought about the ideal undrafted NFL player of all time, complying with a 12-year career related to as among the best stories in NFL history. Warner was inducted right into the agree Football hall of call in 2017, and is the only person inducted right into both the agree Football room of Fame and also the Arena Football room of Fame.

Warner an initial attained stardom while playing for the St. Louis Rams indigenous 1998 to 2003, where he winner NFL MVP awards in 1999 and 2001 and the Super bowl MVP award in Super bowl XXXIV once he and also the Rams beat the Tennessee Titans. That led the 2008 Arizona Cardinals to Super bowl XLIII (the franchise"s an initial Super key berth), and owns 3 of the top 5 highest single-game passing yardage totals in Super key history.

Warner is one of only two quarterbacks to victory the Super bowl in their first season together a starter, the various other being Tom Brady. He is likewise the only undrafted player in NFL history to victory the NFL MVP award, and the just undrafted quarterback to lead his team to a Super bowl victory. Warner at this time holds the tenth-highest job passer rating that all-time, and the fourth-highest job completion percentage in NFL history.

He announced his retirement after the conclusion that the 2009 season.


Early life

Born in Burlington, Iowa, Warner play football at Regis High college in Cedar Rapids, graduating in 1989.

After graduation native high school, he attended the university of northern Iowa, graduating in 1993. In ~ UNI, Warner was 3rd on the Panthers" depth chart till his senior year. As soon as Warner was finally given the opportunity to start, that was called the Gateway Conference"s attack Player the the Year.

Warner i graduated from university of north Iowa in 1993 v a level in communications.

During college, Warner met his future wife, Brenda Carney Meoni; they married ~ above October 11, 1997. Brenda is a previous United States maritime Corps corporal.

Early career


Following his college career, Warner go undrafted in the 1994 NFL Draft. The was invited to shot out because that the green Bay Packers" training camp in 1994, yet was released prior to the continuous season began. Warner was contending for a spot versus Brett Favre, note Brunell, and former Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer.

After his release, Warner stocked shelves at a Hy-Vee grocery save in Cedar falls for $5.50 one hour. Warner frequently cites this beginning point as soon as telling of his rise to NFL stardom in 1999.

He also mentions that his deepened dedication to Christianity occurred around 1997.

Warner changed to northern Iowa and also worked together a graduate assistant coach through the football team, if still hope to get another tryout v an NFL team.


With no NFL teams willing to provide him a chance, Warner turned come the Arena Football organization (AFL) in 1995, and signed v the Iowa Barnstormers. That was named to the AFL"s First-team All-Arena in both 1996 and also 1997 after he led the Barnstormers come ArenaBowl appearances in both seasons. Warner"s performance was so superior that he was later on named twelfth the end of the 20 ideal Arena Football players of every time.

Before the 1997 AFL season, Warner requested and got a tryout v the Chicago Bears, but an injury come his throwing elbow led to by a spider bite sustained throughout his honeymoon prevented the from attending.

In 2000, ~ Warner"s breakout NFL season, the AFL offered his brand-new fame for the surname of its an initial widely available video game, cut Warner"s Arena soccer Unleashed. On august 12, 2011, that was named as one inductee right into the Arena Football hall of Fame.


Warner officially announced his retirement native the national Football league in January 2010. He stated he to be looking front to lastly being a true father to his seven, and also that he wanted to invest time through his wife. He spoke on the impact and influence of his family, former teammates, and God.

He became eligible because that induction right into the room of Fame following the 2014 season. In December 2014, Warner admitted that briefly taken into consideration coming out of retirement and returning to the Cardinals adhering to the team shedding Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton because of injuries.

Warner came to be an Iowa Barnstormers broadcaster because that the 2011 Arena Football organization season. In might 2010 he to be inducted into the Arena Football room of Fame. He is additionally a member the the Iowa Barnstormers hall of Fame.

Warner to be inducted into the St. Louis sports Hall of fame in 2014.

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On February 4, Warner was elected to the agree Football room of call in their course of 2017. On respectable 5, 2017 kurt Warner to be officially inducted to the agree Football hall of Fame. He is the only human inducted into both the agree Football room of Fame and Arena Football room of Fame.