*Parents may request personalized greetings to their children from the tooth Fairy HERE.

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Questions about the this Fairy

How lot does the this Fairy leave these days?

The an excellent news for children is the the tooth Fairy has kept up with inflation. When a this in the 1950’s would bring 25 cents, the mean for a lost tooth now is $5. The very first tooth or a molar might get more. It likewise depends on how many children have lost teeth ~ above any certain night because she beginning out with the very same amount of money (all she have the right to carry). If over there are only a couple of children, they acquire more, and also if there are many, every will gain a small less.

Why does the tooth Fairy come so late sometimes?

Unfortunately, there space a number of reasons why the this Fairy could not obtain to a house on the an initial night a tooth has actually been lost.

1. Sickness: the Fairy Flu is common.

2. Injury: she can have a damaged wing indigenous an overzealous pet

3. Name no on she list: occasionally the tracking order she puts on every child’s tooth malfunctions. The name might not appear right far or at all.

4. Parents didn’t authorize the permission slip: she is just able to visit homes where parents have actually filed a signed permission slip v her for this reason she can’t be accused that breaking and entering.

The ideal thing to carry out if she hasn’t stopped by your house is to write her a letter.

What does the this Fairy execute with every the teeth?

There are numerous uses for teeth. Through a small fairy magic she have the right to use them together bricks because that fairy castles or tree them in Fairyland wherein they will prosper into beautiful flowers. Her favorite use for the teeth is to place them in the skies as stars.

Where walk the this Fairy get her money?

Once she locations the teeth into the skies as stars, she deserve to magically transform any type of star dust she collects into gold dust. Yellow is worth rather a little these days so she have the right to exchange it at the fairy financial institution for currency.

Why go the this Fairy begin collecting teeth?

A long long time ago, human being used to bury their childrens’ this in the belief that witches desire them to use in spells. (It is a common belief that a spell have the right to be cast against someone if you have actually something that theirs: hair, nails, etc). The this Fairy became protector the the teeth. She would certainly come and take them much away wherein they would be safe.

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Why don’t adults get visited if they shed a tooth?

When a son is born, the this Fairy locations a tracking spell on every baby tooth so when it drops out, the child’s surname will immediately be included to her list of world to visit. Tracking spells room not put on adult teeth. If an adult loses a infant tooth, and also doesn’t gain a visit, most most likely the tracking spell has actually faded. It only lasts about 20 years.