‘House that Payne’ is a sitcom through Tyler Perry that revolves about the eponymous family, headed by Curtis and also Ella Payne. They room parents to Calvin and uncle and also aunt come C.J. LaVan Davis has been illustrating Curtis because season 1. After running for eight cycles, the series was off-air for around eight years. It went back with the 9th installment in September 2020.

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Naturally, through a gap as long as that, it isn’t simple to round up the original cast for any show. In spite of that, the sitcom has retained that core cast members. But since Davis has been missing after the first two illustration of season 10, the fans have actually strongly feel the actor’s lack on the show. If you space curious to know what occurred to Curtis Payne, we’ve obtained you covered!

What occurred to Curtis on home of Payne?

We check out Curtis in the very first two episodes of the tenth season prior to he vanishes indigenous the structure for a couple of chapters. The third episode the season 10 particularly has a lot walk on for the Paynes. Together C.J. Faces his injury, Malik feeling the enhancing weight that his responsibilities. Ella additionally goes through a wellness scare as soon as she learns the she has actually a tumor in her breast. But fortunately, it transforms out to it is in benign.

One feels that Curtis ought to be approximately when his family is going with so much. Yet the character is not seen for episodes 3, 4, and 5, and also neither is LaVan Davis attributed for them. However, Curtis’s absence is described in the third episode itself, i m sorry mentions the the Payne patriarch is top top a barbecue tour. Curtis is love by the fans since of his loud personality and also sharp one-liners. Also though he might across as a small harsh in the direction of his household members, he is deeply linked to them and has his own way of to express love.

Where Is LaVan Davis Now?

The good news is that there have been no main statements suggesting LaVan Davis’s leave from the series. Top top the contrary, we watch him return in the 6th episode that season 10 dubbed ‘Missing Mustard Seeds.’ The fans have actually been vocal around how they felt no seeing the personality in 3 episodes the season 10. So, this item of news is surely music to your ears.

We miss Curtis

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Apart from being an actor, LaVan Davis is also a talented singer and a comedian. The 54-year-old has been in the entertainment market for a long time. Many of his noteworthy credits are Tyler Perry’s works such together ‘Daddy’s little Girls,’ ‘Tyler Perry’s accomplish the Browns,’ and also the stage plays ‘Why go I gain Married?’ and ‘Madea Goes to Jail.’ Seeing just how his working relationship with Perry is a staple attribute of his career, that is unlikely the the actor will leave ‘House that Payne.’ The sitcom has currently been renewed because that its eleventh round. This way that, in all likelihood, we will be see Davis because that a long time.

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It seems prefer Davis go not favor to share much about himself on society media, which have the right to make it challenging to keep up through his life. But what us do recognize is the ‘House that Payne’ is the just production the gibbs is right now working on. So, the is bound to remain a central part that the series.