Lisa Mason husband Gino died. Lisa ns Mason announced Gino Contawe obituary on facebook saying:


There is nothing much more disappointing than once a to trust is damaged in the midst of anguish and heart-break. And, damaged by a person thought to it is in a reliable friend.

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At a later time, I will certainly share the story of mine beloved husband’s last moments. Because that now, God bless you and also thank you for your understanding.


How Lisa Mason husband Gino died: Gino Contawe obituary

How Lisa Mason husband Gino died – Gino Contawe had actually suffered esophageal cancer back in 2015.

Four and fifty percent years ~ Gino Contawe cancer diagnosis, in February 2019, Gino appreciated his mam Lisa in a warm, sweet Facebook short article that read:

“I would prefer to give my beloved an anniversary shout out! It has actually been 4 1/2 years since the cancer diagnosis. Thank you for helping to store me alive.

You have actually been the best wife, advocate and supporter that a man can ask for. Through four miracles, multiple surgeries and a list of therapies you never wavered. You room one in a million!!!

I love you much more than any man can love a woman. Say thanks to you!”

Lisa had actually announced Gino Contawe’s cancer diagnosis earlier in 2015 as sudden and also shocking stage four esophageal cancer with spread to the lymph nodes, lungs and also brain.

“7 month ago, Doctors argued that Gino and I obtain our to work in order. A sudden and shocking stage four esophageal cancer with spread to the lymph nodes, lung and brain was my husband’s diagnosis.

We heeded your words of wisdom. Signing and initialing multiple documents in ours attorney’s office. He initialed “GC” (Gino Contawe). I initialed ” LM” (Lisa Mason).

Dark, dark days complied with with lot of surgeries, radiation, chemo.

Today, us learned that Gino has actually no cancer in… the brain, nearly nothing in the lungs and the esophageal tumor has actually shrunk so much that the can’t be checked out on a scan.

What does it mean? Is the cured? permanent remission? us don’t understand for sure….we live work by day…..but this day I chose that the initials “GC” and “LM” no longer stand for our names. “GCLM” to me currently means: “God’s Compassion+Love=Miracles”! Life is a blessing. And also a gift. We room grateful. Say thanks to you for prayers. Us humbly thank you. God Bless You.

Gino and also Lisa.”

In one more earlier short article she wrote about Gino:

“My friends. What an especially week. After learning that esophageal cancer is the number one fastest farming cancer in the US, Gino and I got to work!

We fulfill with the board of the Esophageal Cancer Awareness association this month to assist all we can. Please, please understand. There are frequently NO symptoms. This cancer is found in people who have smoked or drank heavily.

Or, in Gino’s case, had actually acid reflux years ago. Gino took the medicine for mountain reflux and the heartburn “went away”.

In actuality, that didn’t. He just couldn’t feeling it any kind of longer.

Little did us know, heartburn have the right to exist v absolutely no discomfort. Us beg you. If you have actually been a hefty smokey or drinker. If you have had acid reflux in the past, please check out you doctor.

By the time the an initial symptoms presents…(difficulty swallowing, hiccuping throughout meals, food feeling “stuck” in the throat, needing an ext liquids during meals)…the cancer has already advanced.

We love you. Us greatly care for you. We execute not want you to travel our road. Us ask you to think around this!!! Gino and also I was standing committed to assist others know an ext about this terrible cancer. God Bless You!!!!”

Lisa ns Mason biography:

Lisa Mason is a previous host ~ above QVC. Previous news anchor for PBS. Singer, writer. Works in brand-new York City. Resides part-time in beautiful Charleston, south Carolina!

Emmy award-winning anchor and also writer Lisa Mason started her news career in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1987. After ~ receiving her Bachelor that Arts level from the college of main Oklahoma, Lisa join the Oklahoma City Fox affiliate together weekend news anchor where she continued to be for 2 years.

In 1989, Lisa join PBS as news anchor, producer and also writer. In addition to anchoring the night newscasts, she likewise hosted a weekly speak show. During her five-year tenure, Lisa wrote and produced numerous award-winning documentaries. Amongst them was faces of Aids for which she obtained an Emmy award. The culture of expert Journalism honored her for her documentary When kids Kill. Lisa likewise wrote, hosted and also produced The western Heritage Awards, which to be met v such vital acclaim, the it to be re-broadcast on the TNN Network.

In 1995, Lisa was hired by the QVC to buy Network in West Chester, Pennsylvania together host. When there, she was viewed in around 98 million homes, five days per week. During her tenure, Lisa devoted in the areas of jewelry, beauty and also fashion. Lisa earned her GIA certification and, in 2000, became the face and also voice the QVC’s proprietary jewelry brand, Diamonique. In addition, she operated regularly v leaders in the beauty beauty industry. Lisa offered as host for the country televised CEW (Cosmetic executive Women) awards show and also was frequently called upon to launch brand-new beauty brands. Lisa represented QVC nationally and internationally. She remained there until 2010.

That exact same year, Lisa produced Contawe Consulting, LLC, a agency that specialization in the area that media training, with an emphasis on digital retailing and also direct response. Lisa coaches client privately and has joined the employee at The Actor’s connection in Manhattan, whereby she teaches college student the fundamentals of connecting with the viewer. Since that time, Lisa has been tapped by L’Oreal, Cutex, Maidenform, Sealy Posturpedic, Algenist, Temt-tu and also others, to train sales teams, perfect agency messages and increase profitability.

As a result of the success that her first book big Life great from that Still, tiny Voice, Lisa was dubbed upon come act as the Mistress the Ceremonies/writer for the an international Aids Awareness Day. This brand-new York City, invitation-only event, was sponsored by the Oprah Winfrey Network in associate with world Vision. Lisa was handpicked to command this initiative due to her capacity to affix with others and motivate.

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Lisa has actually been affiliated in other projects, together well. She was on the Bravo series Blow Out and also the CBS routine 48 Hours. She has actually been an in-studio guest because that FOX and NBC morning shows and has been watched in the pages the Broadcasting and also Cable, happy magazine and The Philadelphia Inquirer.