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“The best Loser” organize Bob Harper poses in Santa Fe. Harper is in brand-new Mexico filming the TV series. (Bob Harper/Instagram)

Santa Fe will have a big role in the reboot the the fight TV show, “The biggest Loser.”

The brand-new Mexico film Office announced the the series will it is in filming its brand-new season in and around Santa Fe.

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The 10-episode season native Endemol Shine phibìc America, in association v Universal Television different Studio, is meant to debut top top USA Network in 2020.

“The Santa Fe, brand-new Mexico an ar offers united state a tremendous variety of looks and locations because that our production needs,” states Georgie Hurford-Jones, Endemol Shine north America’s senior Vice President, Unscripted Original series and Specials. “For a present like ‘The greatest Loser,’ whereby we have actually men and also women looking to not only shed weight, however improve their overall well-being, our new location right here in the state is best on numerous levels.”

“The greatest Loser” is organized by health and fitness expert Bob Harper.

He was a staple for 17 seasons on the initial version of the fact series.

Since mid-September, Harper has been proactively posting on society media of his time in Santa Fe.

He’s went to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Violet Crown Cinemas and also Santa Café.

On Sept. 29, he post a landscape photograph with a basic caption, “Santa Fe … ns love you.”

Over 17 seasons, “The best Loser” filmed more than 247 episodes and became a ratings giant.

“We room pleased they have chosen come restart the series in new Mexico and also will be able to benefit from ours wonderfully diverse locations, and also our industry incentives,” states NM Economic development Department cabinet Secretary Alicia J. Keyes.

According come the brand-new Mexico movie Office, the manufacturing will shoot throughout the fall and also employ about 200 new Mexican crew and production personnel, and resource goods and also services from dozens of regional hotels, restaurants, general and specialty retailers, and other vendors.

Erica Lugo and Steve chef are the show’s trainers.

“I know this is the an initial series the its kind to shoot an entire season in new Mexico,” claims Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. “The range of film and also television tasks to pay brand-new Mexico a visit is a testimony to our capacity for creative development — and also speaks come the fact that much more and an ext productions recognize new Mexico is the place to be.”

USA Network is part of NBC Universal, which opened up a studio in Albuquerque in 2019.

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