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The transmission control module in a 4l60e infection is typically located ~ above the behind of the infection case, directly under that cover. That is discovered beneath the engine control module. It may also be discovered near the battery or facility console inside a car, depending upon the automobile model.

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4l60e infection specs

The 4L60E from basic Motors is an evolution of the Turbo-Hydramatic 700R4 and also replaced the tried and also true TH350. The advantages over the TH350 include lower equipment ratios, boosted valve body, addition of fourth gear (overdrive), a lockup torque converter which renders it popular selection for street power or retrofitting 400-700 HP depending on year and also internal modifications.

4L60E / 4L65E Specs

Length: 21.9″Weight: 146 lbs. (dry)Case: actors AluminumMax Torque: 360 lb ft (488 N.m)Fluid Capacity: 8.4 quarts (9.64″ speak converter) or 11.4 quarts (11.81″ speak converter)Engine Compatibility: 90 degree “small and big block” I6, V6, and V8

Gear Ratios:

1st: 3.0592nd: 1.6253rd: 1.004th: 0.696R: 2.29


Resetting the transmission regulate module is a lot easier than you may think. Friend don’t should be an skilled mechanic or have accessibility to high value tools and also equipment, all it take away is some time and also the appropriate instructions. We recommend that if you space unsure of you yourself or feeling uncomfortable working under the hood, take your vehicle in for company with a experienced who specialization in transmissions.


What makes a transmission manage module go bad?

There are miscellaneous reasons a TCM might go bad. Since automatic transmissions count on computer systems for the bulk of their functions, electrical problems are normally the cause:

Short circuit brought about by waterShort circuit in solenoid circuits or actuatorVoltage overloadVibration

Will a bad transmission control module litter a code?

Oftentimes, a bad transmission regulate module will certainly throw an error code. If you usage an ODB-II scanner, girlfriend will generally see this codes: P0613, P0700, and also P0706. Examine the driver’s manual or search for your auto model on exactly how to reset this form of engine warning light/code.

Does a transmission control module should be programmed?

This counts on the design of the vehicle. Older, pre-1990 vehicles used removable PROM chips, which provided stored powertrain information details to the vehicle. Later on vehicles started using EEPROM and also other non-removable storage. Many of these new vehicles, specifically the ones through a 6-speed automatic transmission, usage a committed transmission manage module that is mounted to the valve body.

When you download a brand-new transmission manage module in these vehicles, it should be programmed with dealer-level equipment. Your auto must likewise be towed to the dealership because that the programming process to be completed. If you danger driving your automobile to the dealership without suitable programming, you could reason premature infection failure.

How lengthy does it require to reprogram a transmission manage module?

If the repair shop has the best information and also tools indigenous the manufacturer, the reset process takes almost everywhere from 30 minute to one hour, depending upon the make and also model.

Will disconnecting the battery reset TCM?

Simply disconnecting the battery would not return the TCM come its default settings, you would have to use a infection scan an approach to execute so. Disconnecting the battery terminals will certainly not finish the step or solve any kind of gear shift issue.

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How lot does it cost to reprogram a transmission regulate module?

Prices differ for just how much the will expense to reprogram a TCM, this can depend on exactly how old the vehicle is and also how difficult it would be to access. Typically an altering the TCM will cost you everywhere from $210 – $1,100.