Little residence on the Prairiewas one of the most iconic reflects to ever before air ~ above television. Also now, virtually 40 years after the present went off the air, it picks up new fans.Melissa Gilbert, who shown Laura Ingalls, recently suggested that the show continues to teach civilization that we have the right to prevail, no issue how complicated times are. The show could have to be based in Minnesota, but do you understand where the was in reality filmed?

The majority of outdoor shots were filmed in Simi Valley, California

WhileLittle house on the Prairiewas collection in Minnesota, most of the show’s outdoor scenes to be filmed on ar inSimi Valley, California. Large Sky Ranch, wherein the outdoor scenes were filmed, wasn’t simply used forLittle home on the Prairie, though. The ranch was regularly utilized together a television and also movie set, greatly for western flicks, although there were a couple of notable exceptions.

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Coming come America, the 1988 comedy starring Eddie Murphy filmed few of its shots at big Sky Ranch, for example.



‘Little home on the Prairie’ | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

The bulk of the show’s early on seasons to be filmed in ~ Paramount Studios. In later on seasons, the show moved to an MGM sound stage around 40 mile away. The present wrapped its ninth season on MGM sets.

The show’s soundstage move uncovered an remarkable find

WhenLittle home on the Prairietransitioned come the MGM soundstage, the manufacturing team had actually a most work to do to obtain the phase ready. To do room because that the show, MGM staff ripped increase old set to develop a believable set for the show. In the process, they uncovered a historical movie artifact.

The actors of ‘The magician of Oz’ | Silver screen Collection/Getty Images

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According toIMDb, the team transitioning the set found the original yellow brick road fromThe wizard of Oz.

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The magician of Ozwas filmed on the soundstage in 1938 and 1939 prior to its theatrical release. The yellow brick road came to be one that the many iconic movie artefacts in history, simply behind Dorothy’s ruby slippers.