Snoopy is a well known dog that appeared in the well known comic strip dubbed Peanuts. And seriously guys, if you’ve never ever heard of Snoopy, where have actually you been for the last 70 years?

Peanuts is one of the most famous comic strips of every time, with the 2 main personalities being Charlie Brown and his pet dog Snoopy.

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Snoopy is a curious-looking canine, and avid Peanut readers and dog lover alike have always wondered, what each other of dog is Snoopy?

Here we space going to collection the record straight once and for all! So, let’s protect against snooping around and also get right down to the details.

The history of Snoopy

Image Credit: Zulio, FlickrThe comic piece Peanuts revolved roughly a team of young children and also a dog, Snoopy. Their day-to-day shenanigans were followed by end 355 million people across 75 different countries and written in 21 languages.

Peanuts to be the ingenious production of Charles Schulz. It debuted on October 2, 1950 and was published in newspapers every day until the job after Schulz’s death on February 13, 2000.

This quantities to a lining 17,897 comic strips over 50 years. Peanuts is “arguably the longest story called by a solitary artist in human history.”

Yes, Charlie Brown to be the main character, however the star of the present was Snoopy. And also to this day, Snoopy is the character that world think of once Peanuts is mentioned.

Snoopy an initial appeared in Peanuts in the 3rd comic, merrily passing by Charlie’s window as the watered his plants. And it was the day the human being met among the most famous dogs in history.

What type of Dog each other Is Snoopy?

Snoopy is a Beagle. As soon as you google what dog breed Snoopy is, it comes up with Beagle in BIG, interlocutor letters. But, we decided to do a little an ext digging…

Schulz based the Snoopy character on his childhood dog, called Spike. And also Spike was no a Beagle.

Spike was a tip crossed with an unknown hound. This unknown hound was probably a Beagle due to the fact that he watch a lot favor a Beagle.

In the comic strips, Charlie Brown and also Snoopy often discuss the Beagle dog breed. In one of the comics, Snoopy says that he can not play as lot as he would like since he “can never uncover twenty-one various other Beagles.”

These discussions transparent the comics room why everyone thinks the he is a Beagle.

Credit: SOMPHOTOGRAPHY, Shutterstock

Snoopy vs. Beagle Comparison

So, is Snoopy a Beagle? Or is he a guideline cross? Well, because Snoopy himself says that he is a Beagle, we think him.

To delve a little deeper into the matter, let’s take it a watch at even if it is Snoopy is anything prefer the Beagle breed.


Beagles have actually long and also droopy ears, with large round eyes and also a fleshy square nose. They have actually a quick coat that sports the traditional hunting dog color – typically black, tan, and also white.

Snoopy could be a Beagle, however there room some major differences. The most noticeable is that Snoopy is black and white, v no brown to it is in seen.

Many world assume this means that Snoopy can’t be a Beagle. But, follow to the American Kennel club (AKC), black and white Beagles exist. However, they are much rarer than the traditional tri-color.

If girlfriend look in ~ a snapshot of Schulz with his pet dog Spike, it’s easy to watch the resemblance in between him and a black and also white Beagle.

Snoopy is a little bit distorted and doesn’t totally resemble the shape of the Beagle. But, according to sources, there is a reason why he is misshapen.

Schulz was a gifted illustrator who wanted to do his reader feel the they were in his comic strip – just an additional friend inside the Peanuts gang.

Schulz constantly drew Snoopy native the angle that a boy would see him, i beg your pardon is why his confront is larger and rounder. And also when the smiles, it’s together if you space looking in ~ him native under his jaw, i beg your pardon is the angle the a child would look at him.

Snoopy’s ears space black too, lot like the darker colored ears of a Beagle.

Credit – Left: Pixabay, Right: Przemek Iciak, Shutterstock


So, his watch aren’t that clear cut. But what around his personality?

The AKC explains the Beagle breed as friendly, curious, and also merry. Is this anything favor Snoopy?

Snoopy is a funny and also happy character, i m sorry is why we fell in love with him from the start. That keeps united state entertained v his musical talents, much like a Beagle does through his howling while play the piano.

Snoopy is friendly and loving. A large theme in the Peanuts comic was the he was constantly trying to win the affection the his gang, by offering them ‘smacks’, also known as kisses, to cheer lock up.

Snoopy loves to eat, and also when the does, he celebrates mealtime with a happy dance. Snoopy as soon as said the “one that the great joys in life is scarfing junk food.” This is a Beagle trait, and also they room forever ~ above the hunt for food. So lot so that they can quickly become overweight if girlfriend let them.

Snoopy is curious and also energetic and forever maintaining up through the active children in the comic, and always imagining the next video game to play. This is a lot favor the Beagle, who demands at the very least 60 minute of exercise every day.

Snoopy also has a lazy side too, and one the his favorite areas to it is in is on height of his kennel, snoozing the work away.

Snoopy is also a faithful companion come his girlfriend Charlie Brown. This is a lot like the Beagle breed, that is a faithful partner of his hunting master. Snoopy likewise has a finest friend called Woodstock, who he adores.

Snoopy likes the finer things in life and loves to be comfy. I m sorry is why that is forever trying to steal Linus’s blanket in the Peanuts series. That can also be a little stubborn, a lot prefer Beagles too.

Image Credit: Alexey Androsov, Shutterstock

Is Snoopy a Beagle?

We think that it’s safe to say the Snoopy is the perfect Beagle resemblance once it involves his personality.

Yes, his Beagle illustration is questionable. But with that being said, have actually you seen any kind of dogs the look specifically like Snoopy? Schulz attracted Snoopy in his very own illustrative style, and also from a children perspective, which is why he is quirky looking.

But, Beagles are round and chubby, similar to Snoopy. Beagles have actually prominent noses, just like Snoopy. And also they have actually dark-colored ears, similar to Snoopy. Us think out of every the dog breeds out there, Snoopy looks like a Beagle because that sure.

Still, there are many human being out there that think Snoopy can’t be a Beagle, and the an option is yours come make. Yet one thing is because that certain, Snoopy thinks of himself as a Beagle, and for that reason, so carry out we.

Are There any kind of Real Life Snoopy’s out There?

Yes, over there are plenty of dogs out there that look prefer Snoopy. As soon as searching on Instagram for ‘black and white Beagles’, there are over 1,000 hashtags. Among our favourite is Ellie the Black and also White Beagle. She is an ex-lab dog who is now finding out to love life similar to Snoopy does.

There is also Otis the Sheepadoodle, and while we recognize he no a Beagle breed, his momma think he looks like Snoopy.

Image Credit: Olga Melnichuk, Shutterstock

How high is Snoopy?

No one knows the exact measurement that Snoopy. Yet a bunch of intelligent human being have functioned it out for us. Charlie Brown is around eight year old, and the average height of one eight-year-old young is 128cm. Native looking at the comic strips, Snoopy is 5/9ths that his height, making that 41 centimeter tall.

Beagles space usually 13 to 15 customs tall, and 41cm is 16 inch tall. So, Snoopy is around the right elevation to it is in a Beagle.

How Old Is Snoopy?

Snoopy’s date of birth was identified in a comic strip as being August 10. Snoopy’s very first appearance remained in October 1950. This method that on the last released strip, Snoopy would have been approximately 50 year old. If you go by the 7 years per human being year rule, Snoopy was 350 year of age and still going.

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If just our lover Beagle friends can live the long!

Fun Facts about Snoopy

Snoopy is the most renowned Beagle in the world.Schulz originally wanted to contact his dog personality Sniffy, but this surname was already taken. That remembers that his mum offered to to speak if they ever before got an additional dog that they would call it Snoopy, and the rest is history.Snoopy had seven brothers and also sisters.Snoopy has a star on the Hollywood go of fame.Snoopy is NASA’s official safety mascot.