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When Naomi Barlava ’17 made her meeting last might for a behind-the-wheel control test, she go the unspeakable — she make the appointment at the Santa Monica branch of the California room of engine Vehicles.

Her friends had told her to conserve herself the trouble and take the test at the Winnetka DMV, which has actually a reputation amongst students for being the DMV whereby it is the easiest to pass.

Even despite the driving check “is the very same for all drivers” follow to the website of the California DMV, details DMVs have a reputation amongst students for being pass-happy, if others have actually been said to failure everyone who walks v their halls. Students often choose to take your driving tests based upon these reputations in order to pass much more easily and on their first try, periodically venturing to places in greater Los Angeles that they room not acquainted with for this reason they can obtain their license sooner.

Barlava was familiar with Santa Monica, however, and felt the her prior experience driving in the area and also her knowledge of the city’s certain rules would make it easier to happen there. But the way people talked about that DMV made she nervous. She wanted to gain her patent as quickly as possible, however passing the test started to it seems to be ~ less and less possible as she approached she test date.

When she told her friends the she had actually passed on her an initial try at the Santa Monica DMV, many of them were shocked.

To gain a patent in the state that California, chauffeurs must very first take a created test to attain their learner’s permit. After having a permit for six months, teens deserve to take a behind-the-wheel test to get their license, and also the DMV allows just 3 attempts at taking the test. ~ the third failed attempt, motorists have to begin over and also take your permit check again.

Harvard-Westlake students have said that the Winnetka DMV is known to it is in the easiest to pass at and also that the van Nuys and Culver City departments also have comparable reputations.

Lola Clark ’17, that took she test in ~ Winnetka, thinks it is easier to pass there as result of road and also traffic conditions.

“I take it my test at Winnetka since it’s well-known to it is in the most basic DMV,” Clark said. “I happen on the first time, say thanks to goodness. I think Winnetka gets the call it does as the most basic less since of the world that work there and more because that area is simply pretty easy to drive around and there aren’t many an overwhelming intersections.”

In an April 23 Chronicle vote of 329 students, 82 percent said that Winnetka was well-known for being a DMV wherein it was simple to happen a behind-the-wheel control test.

Some say the this status is because of the “friendliness” of the driving setting in the area. More comprehensive streets, less traffic and fewer specific regulations make it less complicated to avoid “critical errors” such as not signaling as soon as switching lanes or not totally stopping in ~ a protect against sign, for which proctors immediately fail the driver.

Others report the the proctors in ~ the Winnetka DMV are more lenient v errors in general than various other DMVs.

Out of 329 students who responded come the Chronicle poll, 52 percent claimed that they felt the the proctors at the Winnetka DMV are less strict than at other DMVs.

Ashley Frey ’17, that failed in ~ Winnetka top top her very first try yet passed there on her 2nd try, stated that she trust the proctors at Winnetka are less difficult.

“I do a yes, really idiotic decision the very first time ns took the test, so ns failed automatically,” she said. “, I had actually an alarm that went turn off while ns was driving, so ns pulled over and also turned the off, yet I’d by chance snoozed it, so it went off again 5 minutes later. I thought I failed because that sure since I touch my phone when driving, but I passed. And much more kids perform seem to pass there, for this reason I’d to speak the proctors at Winnetka are more lenient.”

In contrast, countless say that the Santa Monica DMV is the many difficult.

The DMV’s online appointment device shows that, if Winnetka is totally booked for the next month, the Santa Monica DMV is just booked for the following two weeks.

Students say the Santa Monica has much more specific and also stricter laws that drivers must abide by.

Due to the big number of bikers who ride ~ above the road, the City the Santa Monica instituted cycle lanes on major streets to protect them native traffic, follow to the city website.

These cycle lanes have to be treated as driving lanes, an interpretation that a driver should signal before moving into the bicycle lane once making a ideal turn.

Particular rule such as this do it more tough to pass at the Santa Monica DMV, part students said.

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“The Santa Monica DMV is more daunting than other DMVs due to the fact that Santa Monica has a many bicycle riders, and also the city has applied bike lanes on nearly all the streets,” claimed Keon Niknejad ’17 , who said he fail his driver’s check at the Santa Monica DMV. “Santa Monica is also a very busy part of Los Angeles, and you have to pay attention to precise everything, if if you take the test in part isolated component in the valley, over there is much less you need to watch the end for.”

Barlava, however, claimed her endure taking her behind-the-wheel check at the Santa Monica DMV, which is in the exact same area that she lives and also learned come drive, was not as challenging as others had actually made it the end to be.

“I pass ,” Barlava said. “The test was super easy and took 10 minutes. I have no clue no longer why world think Santa Monica is hard. It to be so easy.”