Step 1 − once you click on a chart, chart TOOLS consisting of of DESIGN and also FORMAT tabs appear on the Ribbon.

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Step 2 − Click the style tab top top the Ribbon. The Ribbon changes to the design commands.


The Ribbon contains the following style commands −

Chart layouts group

Add chart element

Quick layout

Chart formats group

Change colors

Chart styles

Data group

Switch row/column

Select data

Type group

Change graph type

Location group

Move chart

In this chapter, girlfriend will recognize the design commands ~ above the Ribbon.

Add chart Element

Add Chart facet is the same as graph elements.

Step 1 − Click include Chart Element. The chart elements show up in the drop-down list. These are same as those in the chart aspects list.


Refer to the chapter – Chart elements in this tutorial.

Quick Layout

You can use rapid Layout to readjust the overall layout the the chart conveniently by choosing one that the predefined layout options.

Step 1 − on the Ribbon, click quick Layout. Different predefined layout options will be displayed.


Step 2 − relocate the pointer throughout the predefined layout options. The chart layout alters dynamically come the certain option.

Step 3 − pick the layout you want. The chart will be displayed with the favored layout.


Change Colors

The features of change Colors space the very same as Chart styles → COLOR.

Step 1 − on the Ribbon, click change Colors. The color schemes appear in the drop-down list. These space the exact same as that show up in adjust Styles → COLOR.


Refer to the chapter – Chart formats in this tutorial.

Chart Styles

The Chart formats command is the same as Chart formats → STYLE.


Refer to the thing – Chart styles in this tutorial.

Switch Row/Column

You can use move Row/Column to adjust the data being presented on X-axis to be shown on Y-axis and vice versa.


Click Switch row / Column. The data will be swapped between X-axis and also Y-axis on the chart.


Select Data

You have the right to use select Data to readjust the data selection included in the chart.


Step 1 − Click pick Data. A select Data resource window appears.


This home window is the exact same as that shows up with Chart layouts → select data.


Step 2 − pick the graph data selection in the pick data resource window.

Step 3 − choose the data that you want to display screen on your chart kind the Excel worksheet.

Change graph Type

You can use the readjust Chart kind button to adjust your chart to a different chart type.

Step 1 − Click adjust Chart Type. A adjust Chart form window appears.


Step 2 − pick the chart form you want.

Your chart will certainly be shown with the chart form you want.

Move Chart

You deserve to use relocate Chart to move the graph to one more worksheet in the workbook.

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Step 1 − Click the relocate Chart command button. A move Chart window appears.