What is your heart?

Your love is around the size of her clenched fist. The lies in the front and also middle of her chest, behind and also slightly come the left of her breastbone.

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It is a muscle that pumps blood to all parts of her body to administer it with the oxygen and also nutrients in demands to function.

Your heart has the right and left be separated by a jajalger2018.orgll. Each side has actually a small chamber referred to as the atrium (pronounced ay-tree-um), which leads right into a large pumping chamber dubbed a ventricle (pronounced ven-tri-kl). There are 4 chambers:

left atrium left ventricle right atrium ideal ventricle.


The best side of your heart

The best side of your heart collects blood top top its return native the rest of her body.

The blood start the right side of your heart is low in oxygen. This is due to the fact that oxygen is eliminated from her blood as it circulates through your body"s organs and also tissues.

Your heart climate pumps the blood to your lungs therefore it have the right to receive more oxygen.

Once it has actually received oxygen, your blood returns straight to the left next of your heart, which climate pumps it the end again come all parts of her body.

The left next of her heart

The left ventricle of your heart is larger and also thicker than the ideal ventricle. This is since it has to pump the blood further around the body, and also against greater pressure, contrasted with the appropriate ventricle.

To make sure your blood operation in the exactly direction, valves safety the entrance and exits of her hearts chambers.

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Where to gain help

Aljajalger2018.orgys dial triple zero (000) to speak to an ambulance in a clinical emergency see your doctor call the Heart structure Helpline ~ above 13 11 12

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