If you’ve been wanting to use a tampon, but are also scared to try or don’t know where come start, we’re here to help! below are the steps to follow once inserting a tampon.

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This week on the blog, we’re talking about tampons. As soon as I got my very first period, i strictly provided pads because the believed of inserting something into my body seemed scary and nearly impossible. Once it’s your very first time utilizing a tampon, it’s no the simplest thing ~ above the planet. However, once I learned how, it ended up being super easy for me to insert and also I realized I prefer tampons significantly much more than pads.

I find tampons much easier for a couple of reasons: they’re less complicated for me to wear with a thong, they do swimming top top my period stress-free, and overall they feel much more discreet than pads. However, this is a personal preference – if girlfriend don’t desire to shot tampons, no problem! If you shot tampons and still prefer pads, yes no difficulty with the either. Yes sir no ‘right’ answer as soon as it pertains to tampons vs. Pads – both space perfectly safe.

It’s always good to have actually options. If you’ve to be wanting to use a tampon, yet are as well scared to shot or don’t recognize where to start, we’re here to help! right here are the instructions to follow when inserting a tampon.

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1. Gain comfortable

So how do you placed in a tampon correctly? prior to we obtain into it, let’s execute a rapid anatomy review.

Your urethra is where pee comes out. This feet is not whereby your tampon will be inserted, since this isn’t where your duration blood come from. This opened is too small to to the right a tampon, so girlfriend don’t must worry about inserting a tampon in the wrong point out by accident.

Next up, we have actually the anus. This is the opening whereby your poop come out, in her butt. A tampon might fit in this hole, however should never be inserted there (important for first-time users). A tampon is put into her vaginal opening, which falls somewhere in the middle of her urethra and also your anus. I recommend taking a mirror and having a look down there to discover where the opening is.

Alternatively, you could use her finger or a tampon come feel around for where the feet is. This sounds gross and unpleasant but it’s not, it’s crucial to recognize your body! learning where her vaginal opening is will certainly make the much less complicated to know where to put a tampon.


2. Wash your hands

Your hands are getting very up nearby and an individual with a very sensitive component of your body. Perform you desire dirt and also whatever various other bacteria has collected on your hands to end up in your vagina? NO! offer your hand a good scrub and you’ll be prepared to acquire to business.

3. Insert the tampon

Read the instructions the come through your crate of tampons. No all tampons are specifically the same, so it’s crucial to know how to usage the applicator if she a beginner. Over there are different tampon sizes: regular, super, supervisor plus. Each size holds a various amount that blood, v super plus holding the most.

If you have a heavy flow or plan on leaving your tampon in for a longer amount the time, you may want to use super or super plus sizes. However, ns recommend starting with a consistent tampon until you’re comfortable inserting it. It’s the most slender and will it is in the most basic to insert right into your body. The the finest option if you’re just learning!

Next, get into a comfortable position. Some human being sit on the toilet through their knee apart, part squat down and also some prop one leg on your toilet chair or bathtub. Try out different positions and also see what feels most comfortable for you. Next, location the end of the tampon applicator right into your quality opening. You may need to use one hand to traction apart the lips of your vagina – the labia. But, if you complied with step #1, you currently know whereby your vaginal opened is.

Slide the external tube of the tampon into your vagina until your fingers touch her body. The grip and also the within tube must still be outside the body. Refer to the image listed below if you’re not sure what the external tube, grip and also inner tube of the applicator is. You want the string to be facing away from her body, not in the direction of you – the tampon and also applicator must be organized at a 45 degree angle.

Once you feeling the tampon is comfortably positioned, host the grip and push the tampon inside her body utilizing the inner tube of the applicator. When you’ve pushed the inner tube in the whole way, you have the right to pull far the plastic component and voila! Tampon inserted.


4. Make certain you nothing feel any type of discomfort

Do tampons hurt? If the tampon isn’t inserted far sufficient into her vagina, you could feel a small discomfort, specifically when girlfriend sit. Yet when a tampon is correctly inserted, friend shouldn’t notice it in ~ all. If she finding that feels uncomfortable, you might need come insert the outer tube that the applicator additional into your vagina prior to pushing in the tampon. However, constantly make sure the tampon string is constantly outside her body, together this is what permits you to remove the tampon. You can likewise wear a pair of leakproof teen duration underwear with your tampon as part extra backup protection, just in case!

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5. Changing your tampon

Next: tampon removal. You need to aim to readjust your tampon every 4-8 hours. I personally readjust my tampon every time i pee, yet you can pee with a tampon in – this comes down to personal preference.

When you’re prepared to remove your tampon, gain into the same position you uncovered comfortable as soon as inserting the tampon. Relax her muscles – remove the tampon will not hurt, so don’t be scared! pull on the string of her tampon to remove it, and toss the in the garbage. They must not be purged down the toilet together it’s bad for your plumbing and the environment.

Keep in mind, you might not gain this best on your first try. We were all beginners once. For part it functions on the an initial try, however for others it deserve to take some trial and also error. It take it me a few months prior to I really got comfortable utilizing tampons. If you’re having actually trouble, talk to a parental or trusted adult and also ask them because that help. There’s no dead in needing a tiny assistance as soon as you first start utilizing tampons!

If you worried about your tampon leaking or want to discover tampon alternatives, our Period Underwear is the perfect back-up protection versus any unforeseen leaks.

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Disclaimer: The blog writers at KT are not medical professionals, and give this advice based upon their own research and experience. If girlfriend have more questions or concerns, speak to a trusted medical professional.