Which of the complying with instruments is provided to measure up an object’s mass? A thermometer A weighing scale one ohmmeter A Geiger counter A light gate

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Which instrument is used to measure mass?

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i m sorry of the following instruments is provided to measure an object’s mass? A) A thermometer, B) A weighing scale, C) one ohmmeter, D) A Geiger counter, E) A irradiate gate.

Okay, therefore in this question, we’re trying to measure an object’s mass. So let’s walk through all of the choices one by one. Firstly, a thermometer. Well, a thermometer is a device that’s offered to measure temperature. This is why it’s referred to as a thermometer. It measures a heat quantity, particularly temperature. Therefore it’s not used to measure up an object’s mass.

moving on then, alternative B, a weighing scale. Now, a weighing scale can come in numerous different forms. Because that example, this digital weighing scale here, wherein we ar our thing on the weighing scale and also the analysis shows united state the mass of the object. Therefore, this looks like the answer come our question. We’re measure the object’s mass through a weighing scale.

However, simply to do sure, let’s go with all the other options as well. Choice C then, one ohmmeter. Well, one ohmmeter is a machine used in an electric circuit to measure the resistance the a specific component in the circuit or of the entire circuit itself. The unit of electrical resistance is the ohm. Therefore, this machine is referred to as an ohmmeter. So it’s not used to measure up an object’s mass.

option D then, a Geiger counter. A Geiger respond to is a an equipment that’s supplied for measure ionising radiation. The method it works is that it counts the number of ionising radiation particles passing through its detector every second. And also so the reading that we get from a Geiger respond to is in counts every second. In other words, how numerous counts the ionising radiation are there per second in the local area. So a Geiger counter additionally doesn’t measure up mass.

and also finally alternative E, a light gate. A light door is most generally a U-shaped maker which fires a beam the light, normally infrared light, from one end of the U tip to the other. Currently a irradiate gate works by registering the moment at i beg your pardon the beam gets broken by, because that example, one object. This method light entrances can be supplied for very accurate time or, for example, one object’s motion. But due to the fact that they’re supplied to measure time, they’re not provided to measure up mass.

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and so we have our last answer: the instrument offered to measure an object’s fixed is a weighing scale.