In an interview with VLADTV, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony disputed their relationship with the so late Eazy-E and had one earful to share ~ above his life and death.

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The most exciting thing about the sit down was once the team admitted the they weren’t encouraged that Eazy-E passed far from AIDS.


The interviewer said the group that he when interviewed Eazy-E’s son, Lil Eazy, and also he thought that his father died from foul play. Probably from a lethal injection or other of the sort.

That’s when Wi$h Bone provided his view on the N.W.A member’s fatality that he explained as “real sudden.”
Embedded indigenous“Even to this day, nobody of his kids, none of his baby mamas, mistresses, nobody has actually came up through HIV or nothing prefer that. So simply rationally thinking, something had actually to go on,” Wi$h Bone said.

Krayzie Bone added, “It’s simply ironic because, i know world can live with HIV for years and look normal and also look healthy, but when you’re about to dice from AIDS, complete blown AIDS, you’re gonna look favor you’re gonna die from AIDS. I’ve seen civilization that died from AIDS and also they look choose they have AIDS.”


One concern that came to mind when I to be listening come Wi$h Bone speak ~ above Eazy-E’s sex-related partners was, “What makes him think that he knows every single person that Eazy-E ever before slept with in his entire life?” It’s odd the he would think that the knew that in Eazy’s previous would have actually the deadly disease. After all, it’s no surprising that a previous lover the the so late rapper, that was/is certainly infected through HIV or AIDS, wouldn’t want to publicize her condition to the whole civilization just so human being can recognize that a male she slept v decades earlier died native it.

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Krayzie Bone’s comments perplexed me as well. What does “having AIDS” even look like? The condition doesn’t look at a specific kind of means on an infected person’s body. If the did, people about the civilization wouldn’t it is in living with the condition for years before knowing that they had it.