1. I beg your pardon of the complying with is correct in regard come the usage of officially English?A. Officially English is used an ext frequently in speaking than in writing.B. In formal company correspondence, it's ideal keep the language impersonal.C. Contractions are taken into consideration acceptable in any kind of document.D. In formal English, we usage words come say precisely what we mean.2. One interjection is alwaysA. Preceded by preposition.B. Complied with by an exclamation point.C. Associated to an additional word in the sentence.D. Plan to display feeling.3. I m sorry sentence includes both an adverb and also a conjunction?A. Lucille to be a kind person, but she hated human being who spread rumors.B. Don't imagine girlfriend can't perform as you wish.C. Do you desire the shrimp or the crab?D. Lawson crept silently up the stairs, however couldn't tho his heartbeat.4. For the greeting in a service letter as soon as you don't know the name of the person who will certainly be reading it,which that the complying with is least likely come conform to present-day usage?A. Too ~ Mr. GivensB. Too ~ Mrs. CarletonC. Too ~ EditorD. Dear Sir5. Select the connective the belongs in the empty in the complying with sentence.Everyone appeared to be having a an excellent time. _______, mine impressions may have actually been wrong.A. In factB. In other wordsC. That courseD. Furthermore6. Sentence (i) has actually been reduce in sentence (ii) by utilizing a(n) _______.(i) She likes a location that is in the sun.(ii) She likes a clear location.A. ConnectiveB. PrefixC. AdjectiveD. Phrase7. Select the connective the belongs in the blank.She left the party early. Next she saw a movie. _______ she go home.A. FirstB. FinallyC. MeanwhileD. Next8. I beg your pardon of the adhering to topics would lend itself just to a formal format of writing?A. Exactly how I shed 10 PoundsB. Psychological results of atom WeaponsC. Individual Songs I have SungD. Why living in the country Is much better Than living in the City9. I beg your pardon of the adhering to sentences has a loved one clause?A. The bus quit at the corner, however she forgot to get off.B. Tony ate the pizza and then saw the movies.C. The audience applauded the ambassador, who spoke because that one-half hour.D. Countless young human being are searching for jobs.10. I beg your pardon of the adhering to is the finest opening sentence because that a business letter that you want to sound fairlyinformal?A. Please be advised that I've just received her order.B. This letter is to do you cognizant of ours receipt of her order.C. Her order that February 10 come in our office today.D. I am in receipt of her order of February 10.11. Two points to keep in mind once you're deciding even if it is to usage formal or informal English room theA. Opinion and also the occasion.B. Reader and the location.C. Reader and the audience.D. Occasion and the audience.12. I beg your pardon of the following is a complicated sentence?A. I simply cannot do heads or tails of rap lyrics, but I mean I'm simply too old to recognize them.B. Check out the editorial web page in today's document and you'll an alert the piece by Oscar Lewis.C. Ns would favor to visit the Kinshasa, but I know the city is unsafe for foreigners.D. Together Jake was reading the letter indigenous June yet again, the trip attendant coughed gently to acquire his attention.13. Choose the connective that belongs in the blank in the following sentence.I prefer to pat baseball. _______, ns can't throw a ball very well.A. Because that instanceB. In factC. BesidesD. However14. What is the surname of the usual error in the adhering to sentence?Having risen due to the fact that of the rains, the hikers were unable to overcome the river.A. Prepositional phraseB. Run-on sentenceC. Dangling modifierD. Prototype phrase15. I beg your pardon of the adhering to is a way you could begin an essay that's around the medical uses that iodine?A. Return iodine is helpful for medical treatments, so room other elements like oxygen, radium, and also barium.B. Last summer, a splinter in mine brother's leg became infected, which brought about blood poisoning. He could have prevent theproblem through a couple of drops of iodine.C. The Winter Olympics the 1980 took location in the beautiful area the Lake Placid, brand-new York. Lake Placid is nestled in theAdirondack mountains.D. Silver iodide is used in photography. Photography is a widespread kind of art, and also it has actually become more popular 보다 painting.16. A clause from sentence (i) has been turned right into a(n) _______ in sentence (ii).(i) because she knew what the lecture to be about, she didn't to visit the meeting.(ii) understanding what the lecture was about, she didn't to visit the meeting.A. Loved one pronounB. Link predicateC. InfinitiveD. Phrase17. I m sorry of the following sentences has actually a dangling modifier?A. Once the storm began to abate, we went home.B. The dog the is man's best friend is cat's worst enemy.C. Through the light of the moon, ns tripped over a rock.D. Top top the means to the bank, the interest prices went down.End that exam18. I beg your pardon of the complying with groups of native is a sentence fragment?A. Prevent by the garden.B. Once we quit by the garden.C. Us stopped; she didn't.D. Avoiding by the garden, we experienced that the flower were in bloom.19. Which of this is a run-on sentence?A. Prior to lunch, i played volleyball; ~ lunch ns did again.B. Ns thought around what he'd said soon ns realized he to be right.C. You and I and also the whole team will go.D. Ns went home and also ate and ate.20. I m sorry of the following statements about connecting paragraphs is correct?A. A an excellent connection in between two paragraphs is an include transition.B. Two paragraphs might be joined by an activity verb.C. You can use a pointing word the that refers to a native in the vault paragraph.D. Girlfriend can't state an idea in paragraph 2 that's pertained to an idea in paragraph 1.

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1. B 2.D 3.A 4.D 5.A 6.B 7.B 8.D 9.C 10.B 11.B 12.A 13.D 14.B 15.A 16.D 17.A 18.D 19.A 20.A