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Data form is an attribute associated with a piece of data the tells a computer system system exactly how to translate its value. Knowledge data types ensures that data is accumulated in the preferred format and also the value of each property is as expected.

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Please save in mind that data species are not to be perplexed with the two types of data together described as client data — entity data and event data.

A an excellent understanding the data types is forced to properly specify event properties and also entity properties. A well-defined tracking plan must contain the data type of every residential property to for sure data accuracy and also prevent data loss.

Before jumping into the prestige of data types, let’s take a look at at some of the common data types.

Integer (int)

It is the most common numeric data form used to keep numbers there is no a fractional component (-707, 0, 707).

Floating allude (float)

It is likewise a numeric data kind used to save numbers the may have a fountain component, like monetary values carry out (707.07, 0.7, 707.00).

Please keep in mind that number is regularly used as a data kind that consists of both int and float types.

Character (char)

It is used to save a solitary letter, digit, punctuation mark, symbol, or empty space.

String (str or text)

It is a succession of characters and the most commonly used data form to keep text. Additionally, a string can also include digits and also symbols, however, the is constantly treated as text.

A call number is commonly stored as a string (+1-999-666-3333) yet can additionally be stored as an integer (9996663333) .

Boolean (bool)

It represents the worths true and false. When working v the boolean data type, that is valuable to store in psychic that sometimes a boolean worth is likewise represented as 0 (for false) and 1 (for true).

Enumerated form (enum)

It includes a small collection of predefined unique values (also recognized as aspects or enumerators) that can be compared and assigned to a variable of enumerated data type.

The values of one enumerated kind can it is in text-based or numerical. In fact, the boolean data form is a pre-defined enumeration the the values true and false.

For example, if rock and jazz are the enumerators, one enumerated form variable genre can be assigned either of the 2 values, but no both.

Assuming the you are asked to to fill in your preferences on a music app and also are asked to pick either one the the two genres via a dropdown menu, the change genre will keep either absent or jazz.

With enumerated type, values have the right to be stored and also retrieved as numeric indices (0, 1, 2) or strings.


Also known as a list, an array is a data type that stores a variety of elements in a particular order, typically every one of the very same type.

Since range stores multiple aspects or values, the framework of data save by an array is referred to as selection data structure.

Each aspect of variety can it is in retrieved utilizing an integer index (0, 1, 2,…), and also the total number of elements in variety represents the length of an array.For example, range variable genre can store one or much more of the facets rock, jazz, and blues. The indices of the three values are 0 (rock), 1 (jazz), and also 2 (blues), and the size of the array is 3 (since it includes three elements).

Continuing on the example of the music app, if you are asked to choose one or more of the three genres and also you take place to favor all 3 (cheers to that), the variable genre will store all three facets (rock, jazz, blues).


Stores a time in the hh:mm:ss format. Besides the time of the day, that can also be supplied to store the time elapsed or the moment interval in between two events which could be more than 24 hours. Because that example, the time elapsed since an occasion took place can be 72+ hrs (72:00:59).


Typically represented in Unix time, a timestamp to represent the number the seconds that have actually elapsed since midnight (00:00:00 UTC), 1st January 1970.

It is typically used by computer system systems to log in the precise date and time of an event, down to the variety of seconds, in a layout that is unaffected by time zones. Thus unlike datetime, the timestamp stays the exact same irrespective of her geographical location.

If girlfriend think about it, each among us carries a timestamp — get in the date and also time of her birth here to view your own.


Example and Recap

Different programming languages offer assorted other data varieties for a range of purposes, however, the most frequently used data types that you require to understand to become data-led have actually been covered.

A an excellent way come think about data varieties is once you come throughout any form or survey.

Looking in ~ a traditional registration form, you must keep in mind that each field accepts values of a specific data type.

A text ar stores the input together a string while a number field generally accepts one integer.

Names and email addresses are always of the kind string, while numbers deserve to be stored together a numerical type or together string since a string is a set of personalities including digits.In solitary option or multiple option fields, where one has to pick from predefined options, data species enumerated type and arrays come into play.

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