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A. It to be used due to the fact that the Japanese held many islands in the Pacific.


Island Hopping was a U.S."s effective strategy used because of the number of Japanese archipelago in the Pacific. This strategy had targeting and taking manage of several Japanese archipelago in the Pacific the were no well defended, and to construct tiny military bases and landing strips in them, which would certainly serve them together bases to strike other bordering islands the Japan, and eventually get close enough to Japan to launch a mainland invasion.

The correct answer is:

A. It was used since the Japanese held numerous islands in the Pacific.


Island hopping was a war strategy offered by the United claims under the lead of basic Douglas MacArthur and Admiral Chester W. Nimitz to acquire closer come Japan. This war strategy consist of in taking regulate of little Islands in the Pacific and setting military bases that would certainly serve together launching points for taking manage on the next Island, so the united state troops could bypass and also isolate heavily strengthened Japanese positions (leapfrogging).

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