How lengthy Is A Marathon – The Metric Answer

The official, globally recognised marathon length is 26.219 miles or 42.195 kilometers.

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That’s the standard, objective metric measurement.

(and if you’re wondering How lengthy is a fifty percent Marathon, the official half marathon length is 13.11 miles or 21.0975 kilometers).

If you’ve simply googled ‘How lengthy Is A Marathon?’, then well done, you need to be pretty satisfied.

But wait!

There are other, more amazing ways to describe the size of a marathon . . . let’s look at how to measure up a marathon comparatively, subjectively, and emotionally

(Ever wondered why a marathon is together a weird, seemingly random length? The story behind the explanation that 26 miles and also 385 yards start in ancient Greece, provides a rotate at the very first Olympic marathon, and also ends in front of the royal Queen Alexandra in 1908. Here’s my review of it.)

The regarded distance graph shows just how the first half that the marathon yes, really is a item of cake (at least, loved one to the second half).

The very first 10-15 miles will certainly slide previous pretty quickly; the is the second half that really appears to walk on forever.

This isn’t just a trick of the brain – time really is relative. Researchers will tell girlfriend time will go faster if you run much faster (here’s a link).

But really, what happens throughout a lengthy distance run prefer a marathon is much more of a psychological effect. The more significant an event, or the more tough something is, the slower and also meatier it feels in your brain – in regards to time committed to it.

This is why once you reflect on your everyday commute, it may seem to pass by without you really being conscious of it.

But if sooner or later you room in a car accident, all of sudden that occasion becomes a far-reaching part of her time – and also in hindsight, girlfriend remember that much more richly than you would a usual day.

So girlfriend are an ext likely come perceive the second half of a marathon as much longer and an ext time-consuming, simply since it is going to be tougher and more involving than the very first half.

The 26.2 Mile Marathon – measured in emotionally Stages

Any marathon runner have the right to tell you that running 26.2 miles is as lot of a psychological journey together it is a physical one.

In fact, I figured out recently the there room a complete of 15 emotional stages come marathon running –check the end the full blog right here for a stage-by-stage mental breakdown.

Here’s a an introduction of what to expect:

Anticipation: “Should I have actually gone to the toilet one much more time?” “Did i take sufficient gels?” “Do mine legs feeling a little bit weird?”Sudden Euphoria:“This is awesome! ns flying!”Adrenaline:“Hey, this is less complicated than ns thought”Fortitude:“There’s still a long way to go, however things are good”Boredom:“Did ns leave the bathroom light on this morning?”Doubt:“Am I beginning to feeling a tiny tired?”Denial:“This is simply a young setback . . . ”Anger:“Who do these points so long?”Bargaining:“Maybe if I can just protect against for a second, I’ll it is in fine…”Depression:“Take me home”Acceptance:“This hurts, however I guess okay continue”Fortitude (again):“I’m going to end up this, come hell or high water”Adrenaline (again): “Hey, I’m gaining close come the finish line . . . I’m in reality going to end up this thing!”Euphoria (again):“woohoo!”The Afterglow:“that to be awesome, i feel awesome…hey, perhaps I could do another one that those sometime.”

Because ns love graphs therefore much, to finish with below is the 15 emotionally stages the marathon to run in a quite wave, showing you how your mood is more than likely going come go during your marathon:

Read much more about the 15 emotional stages of marathon running here.

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