A body or anatomical plane is one imaginary flat surface that is supplied to define a certain area that anatomy.

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Table 1

Frontal or Coronal PlaneThe frontal airplane divides the former and earlier halves of the entire body.
Median or Midsagittal PlaneThe median aircraft divides the left and also right political parties of the whole body.
Transverse or Horizontal PlaneThe transverse airplane divides the human body at the waist (top and bottom halves the the body).

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Dr. Kevin Schmidt is a Colorado native born and raised in Aurora.

He obtained his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology indigenous CU Boulder. The earned his MD and also MBA degrees from university of Colorado, Denver whereby he was course president as a clinical student. He performed his internship in Indianapolis and went on to serve as cook resident of physical Medicine and also Rehabilitation at the prestigious mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. His tourism of the Midwest ended in Milwaukee whereby he trained in the room of Anesthesia at the medical College that Wisconsin, perfect an Interventional Pain medicine fellowship. That is currently twin boarded in both PM&R and also Pain medicine through the American board of physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

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