tree Adaptations

Figure below).

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Adaptations to Air

Plants called epiphytes prosper on various other plants. They obtain moisture indigenous the air and make food by photosynthesis. Many epiphytes space ferns or orchids that live in tropic or temperate rainforests (see Figure below). Organize trees carry out support, allowing epiphyte tree to achieve air and sunlight high over the forest floor. Gift elevated over the ground lets epiphytes obtain out of the shadows top top the forest floor therefore they can get sufficient sunlight because that photosynthesis. Being elevated may likewise reduce the danger of being consumed by herbivores and increase the chance of pollination by wind.


These Elkhorn and also Staghorn ferns are cultivation on a rainforest tree together epiphytes.

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Epiphytes don’t prosper in soil, therefore they may not have roots. However, they still need water for photosynthesis. Rainforests are humid, therefore the tree may be able to absorb the water they need from the air. However, many epiphytes have progressed modified leaves or various other structures for collecting rainwater, fog, or dew. The pipeline of the bromeliad presented in Figure below space rolled right into funnel forms to collection rainwater. The basic of the leaves creates a tank that can hold more than 8 liters (2 gallons) the water. Part insects and amphibians may spend their totality life bike in the swimming pool of water in the tank, adding minerals to the water through their wastes. The organization at the base of the leaf space absorbent, so they can take in both water and minerals from the tank.