The quick AnswerAccept (verb) (1) "to organize something together true," (2) "to obtain something willingly," and also (3) "to prize yes"I expropriate he may have been busy, but it was important. I expropriate chaos, I"m not certain whether the accepts me. (Singer Bob Dylan)The prince has accepted your invitation.

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Except (preposition) (1) "apart from," "excluding"In this human being nothing is certain, except death and taxes. (Benjamin Franklin)Except (conjunction) (1) "but," "if no the truth that"Making money would certainly not readjust me, other than I won"t answer the door. (Director Abel Ferrara)Except (verb) (1) "to exclude"They space excepted indigenous the basic rule.
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Accept or Except?

There is regularly confusion over the native "accept" and "except." castle sound similar, but their interpretations are an extremely different.



"To accept" is a verb. It has several meanings:To host something together true. The officer accepts your allude and has made decision to let you off with a caution. I expropriate she may have been tired, however that"s still no excuse. To get something willingly. I accept this award on behalf of the whole cast. perform you expropriate dogs in her hotel? Please accept my resignation. Ns don"t want to belonging to any kind of club that will certainly accept me together a member. (Groucho Marx) To prize "yes" (especially come an invitation). The minister would certainly love to expropriate the invite to your ball, yet she has actually a prior engagement.


The native "except" is most frequently seen together a preposition. However, the can also be used a associate and an extremely occasionally together a verb."Except" together a preposition means "apart from," "not including," or "excluding."For example: I have the right to resist whatever except temptation. (Playwright Oscar Wilde) I have nothing come declare except my genius. (Playwright Oscar Wilde) Marge, don"t discourage the young! Weaseling out of points is essential to learn. It"s what separates united state from the animals...except the weasel. (Homer Simpson) It has actually been said that democracy is the worst type of government other than all the others that have been tried. (Winston Churchill) "Except" together a conjunction means "but" or "if not the truth that."For example: I would certainly go swimming, except I am fear of big fish. "Except" together a verb means "to exclude."For example: You are excepted native the ruling.
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Except = Excluding

Let the an initial two letters of "ex
cept" remind you the it method "excluding."

Common Terms through "Accept" and "Except"

Here space some usual terms with "accept" and "except":AcceptAccept a jobAccept a complimentAccept the challengeAccept the consequencesExceptExcept because that accessExcept because that himExcept buses and taxis
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