Graduation Product Instructions

How to Wear a Graduation Cap and Apply the Tassel

Were girlfriend wondering about how come wear a graduation cap and also tassel? We’re here to carry out instructions! colleges expect student to appropriately adorn theirgraduation regalia at theceremony. If you don’t have actually your cap and also tassel positioned correctly, you room going to miss out ~ above a time-honoredpart that this exceptional tradition. Follow these 9 straightforward steps come ensure you space wearing the lid properly and also understand exactly how to place your tassel, and also why.

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Step 1 – eliminate from packaging


Unwrap her mortarboard and collection aside any type of packaging materials.

Step 2 – change hair and also stretch open up up functional cap


Before placing the graduation lid on your head, component long hair to one side. If girlfriend have brief hair, tuck it ago behind your ears. Unfold and stretch lid to positionit end yourhead.

Step 3 – put on cap CORRECTLY


Try on your graduation cap to make sure it fits, if no please reach out to yourgraduationcoordinator or usebobby pins to store it in place.The correct angle of the graduation cap would be whereby the front tip of the mortarboard appears deadcenter on your forehead, in between your eyes.


The elastic band and tag need to be centered on the earlier of the head. Perform not tilt cap back, it must sit directly on height of her head.

Step 4 – readjust hair as necessary with the lid on and look fantastic!


Step 5 – Smooth tassel strands


Remove her tassel from its security sleeve. Hold it up and also check for any tangled strands.

Step 6 – Hook tassel top top button


Secure the loop that tassel onto the button located in ~ the facility top component of the mortarboard.

Step 7 – Make certain tassel is secure


Tug tenderness on the tassel to make sure it’s steady under the button.

Step 8 – place tassel to the ideal side


Prior to your ceremony, kinds the tasselso that drapes end the right side of her mortarboard (the next closest to her face) if you’re attract it. If you space receiving anything lower than a Master’s level (High institution or Bachelor), you’ll be instructed to move the tasselto the left side as soon as you’ve official been asserted a graduate that your level program. If you’re receiving a graduate degree, your tasselremains top top the left next throughout the commencement.

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Recommended Tip: practice smoothly transitioning tasselfrom best to left before the awareness so girlfriend don’t have to worry about it falling off or gaining stuck.