Which sport has actually the smallest balls? below is a perform of sphere sizes (the diameter of the ball is listed) because that a wide selection of sports. For comparison, we have only compared the sports that use round (spherical) balls. The smallest? A squash sphere is just a little smaller 보다 the golf ball. At the other end of the scale, the biggest is the basketball.

comparison of various ball sizes

In the table below, the main ball sizes are provided where known. In the instance of a variety of ball sizes, either the range is noted or the mean or typically used dimension is listed. The round size supplied for adult male competition is offered if over there is sports in the sphere size used for various ages or classes. The conventional unit of measurement is periodically inches and also other time millimeters. Whichever the case, the units space converted so the you have the right to see the dimension in one of two people unit.

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See also our list of round weights.

Sport sphere Diameter, Sorted from the smallest to largest

sportdiameter (inches)diameter (mm) notes
Squash1.56 come 1.5939.5 come 40.5
Table Tennis1.640the size raised from 38 mm after the 2000 Olympic Games.
Golf1.6842.67These room minimum sizes. The size changed from 1.62 customs in 1990.
Jai Alai2.2 55
Pool2.25 come 2.37557.15 to 60.33
Carom billiards2.4261.5
Tennis2.575 to 2.70065.41 to 68.58
Pétanque2 3/8" and also 3 1/8"70.5 come 80
Cricket2.80 come 2.8671.3 to 72.98 13/16 and 9 in (224 and 229 mm) in circumference
Field Hockey2.8 come 2.9671.3 to 74.8circumference 224–235 mm (8.8–9.3 in)
Baseball2 7⁄8 come 373 come 76
Pickleball2.87 come 2.9773 come 75.5according to official usapa rules
Wiffle Ball2.87 come 3.1573 come 80approx. Size
Polo3 come 3 1⁄2 inches76 to 89 weighs 3 1⁄2 ounces (99 g) come 4 1⁄2 ounces (130 g).
Softball (slowpitch)3.5088.9softball dimension is usually described by their circumference - 11 inches because that slowpitch
Croquet3 5/892
Softball (fastpitch)3.8297.1softball size is typically refereed come by their circumference - 12 inches because that fastpitch
Bocce4.2107the target ball dimension is indigenous 40 come 60 mm
Lawn Bowls4 5/8 to 5 1/8117.5 come 130.2lawn bowls are not a perfect sphere
Shot Put4.33 come 5.12110 to 130men"s size
Rhythmic gymnastics ball7.1 to 7.9180 to 200
Team Handball7.3 come 7.5185-191this is because that the size III ball
Volleyball8.15 come 8.39207 to 213
Bowling8.500 come 8.595215.9 to 218.3this is the preferably size
Football (Soccer)8.5 to 8.8216 to 223dimensions for a regulation size 5 ball.
Korfball8.5 to 8.8 216.5 come 224.4 the dimension 5 ball for football player >15 yrs. Size between 68cm and 70.5cm in circumference and also weigh in between 445g and 475g when totally inflated.
Water polo8.5 to 8.9216.5 come 226.0size 5 (used for masculine adults)
Basketball9.4238.8dimensions because that a regulation dimension 7 ball.


The round size info is indigenous a wide variety of resources online. Although castle are thought to be correct, girlfriend should inspect with main sources if that is important. If you have a mediate or a sport ball size to add, you re welcome let us know below.

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I was looking for sizes of spherical balls to represent the relative sizes that moon and also the earth, and also demonstrate their actual distance apart. If a golf ball (moon) is 1.68 in diameter, I looking for ball of around 6.11 inch to represent the earth. There were none on her site however I uncovered playground balls come in miscellaneous sizes, including 6.1 inch diameter. Your chart is helpful and much appreciated, yet playground balls were no on her list. Assumed I"d point this the end in instance other nerds looking at this.And to answer her question... They"d should be placed around 15 feet 4 inch apart to reflect the mean distance between earth and also moon. (Spencer, january 2021) add different weights that shot placed 8, 12 and 16. Tagbro1 (2020) ping pong ball is the smallest note Abrahams (2020) ping-pong = table tennis. Yes, basically the very same as the squash round size, i beg your pardon is listed as the smallest. Plunder Admin (2020)Adrian (2017)can you pls add the factor why sports have actually differencesBarry Milliken (2017)Size method diameter therefore why no say So? This list would be far better if it consisted of weight in the very same list and also was sortable by column or had actually at the very least some ordering favor smallest to largest...Ps soccer sphere is absent from load list. Hi. I"m not sure what web page you read. That size means diameter is written in the very first line. The order IS the smallest to largest, and the soccer round is there. Round weights are listed on a separate page. Plunder Admin (2017) Mightierthor plunder (2018)I know it"s a weird shape, but how around the american football? and also perhaps rugby?Rob Admin mightierthor (2018)I"ve only added spherical balls, which do it simple to compare. Yet you are right, it would be exciting to to compare to the size of the prolate spheroid shaped footballs - rugby, American football, AFL.