City Life in the late 19th Century
Marshall Field"s Building, ca. 1898.

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Between 1880 and also 1900, cities in the joined States thrived at a dramatic rate. Owing most of their population growth to the development of industry, U.S. Cities flourished by around 15 million world in the two decades before 1900. Countless of those who aided account for the population growth of urban were immigrants arriving from around the world. A stable stream of human being from rural America additionally migrated come the cities throughout this period. Between 1880 and also 1890, virtually 40 percent of the townships in the United claims lost population because of migration.

Industrial development and populace growth radically readjusted the confront of the nation"s cities. Noise, website traffic jams, slums, waiting pollution, and also sanitation and also health problems became commonplace. Massive transit, in the kind of trolleys, cable cars, and also subways, to be built, and skyscrapers began to conquer city skylines. Brand-new communities, known as suburbs, began to be built just beyond the city. Commuters, those who stayed in the suburbs and also traveled in and out that the city because that work, started to increase in number.

Many the those who stayed in the city stayed in rental apartments or tenement housing. Neighborhoods, especially for immigrant populations, were frequently the center of community life. In the enclave neighborhoods, countless immigrant teams attempted to hold onto and practice precious customs and traditions. Also today, many neighborhoods or sections of several of the great cities in the United says reflect those country heritages.

During the final years of the 1800s, industrial cities, through all the problems lugged on through rapid population growth and lack of facilities to support the growth, populated a special ar in U.S. History. For every the problems, and also there were many, the cities supported a unique bond between people and laid the foundation for the multiethnic, multicultural society that we cherish today.

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