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The larynx (voice box) is the area that connects the neck to the windpipe (trachea). Without it, we would hardly have the ability to sing or speak. It additionally keeps food and drink out of the windpipe.

The structure of the larynx

The larynx is situated about half way under our neck. It deserve to be thought of as a brief tube. At the height it is associated to the throat, and also at the bottom the is attached come the windpipe, for this reason it’s a component of our respiratory tract system.

The inside of the larynx is lined with mucous membrane tissue. That walls room made that connective tissue, muscles and cartilage. The cartilage gives support and also keeps the larynx elastic. In men, that is clearly visible from outside the body and also known as the “Adam’s apple.”


How go the larynx prevent food from “going under the not correct way”?

The larynx has a sort of lid to stop food native entering the windpipe and lower airways: This lid is called the epiglottis. The is attached come the top part of the larynx, wherein it have the right to close the enntrance gate to the larynx. As soon as we swallow, that moves down to keep any type of food or liquids the end of the windpipe.


How walk the larynx develop your voice?

The lining of the larynx has actually folds throughout it around halfway down. These are recognized as the ventricular folds. Looking right into the larynx from above, they look a small like curtains that have been drawn open slightly. The vocal cords run along your edges. The gap in between the two vocal cords is called the glottis.

By making use of ligaments and also muscles, the vocal cords have the right to be opened and closed, tensed and also held together carefully – i beg your pardon looks like the curtains gift closed. Once we breath out, waiting flows with the gap in between the vocal cords. Relying on their specific position, this causes them come vibrate in various ways, resulting in different tones. Along with the movements of the tongue and also mouth, really different sounds deserve to be produced at different volumes, permitting us come speak and sing.

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In childhood, the vocal cords the boys and also girls are equally long. The larynx grows during puberty. This makes the vocal cords longer, lowering the voice – over there is a remarkable “breaking” of the voice, especially in boys. Men have actually a considerably larger larynx than women do, i beg your pardon is why men generally have a depth voice.