Regulatory markers, also known as informational markers, are supplied to inform the boaters of the directions and warn ~ above the specs of the areas they strategy to. Traditionally, regulatory markers space orange indications made on white background. As a rule, they can be discovered on the top and also at the bottom the the buoys. Here are simply some meanings regulatory mite in the us have:

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Which prize on a regulatory marker is used to note a swimming area?

Swimming area is usually noted as a white square sign with orange frame and also orange outlined overcome diamond shape inside. The sign is typically positioned top top the top and also bottom parts of the buoy. In the same sign there may be explanation for the sign, speak ‘swimming area’.

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Types of regulatory markers

There are 4 major regulatory mite that need to be known in order to be informed on the case around.

Controlled areaDangerBoat exclusion areaInformation.


Regulatory markers explanation: Swimming, Danger, Directions, etc

Below is the detailed description on every of the 4 regulatory markers v explanation on what every of them means.

SignNameDescriptionTypes of regulations
1Controlled AreaWhite square sign with orange frame and also orange outlined one inside. The kind of manage will be suggested inside.slow, no wake, anchoring, etc.
2DangerWhite square sign with orange frame and also orange outlined diamond shape inside. The nature of the risk will be indicated in the diamond shape.rock, wreck, shoal, dam, etc.
3Boat exclusion AreaWhite square authorize with orange frame and orange outlined crossed diamond shape inside. Explanation is usually placed within the square outside the crossed diamond.dam, rapids, swim area, etc
4InformationWhite square or rectangular sign v orange frame and also information inside.

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directions, distances, locations, etc.

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