The ancient Greek success were very far-ranging and if the Greeks go not discover these points the world would be completely different. The quote “Without Greek achievement, the human being would be much different” is true. Imagine if Claudius Ptolemaios walk not discover the human being was round. Everyone would be cramped right into Europe and Asia.

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Greek accomplishments in science

Also, what would certainly we execute if Aristotle made decision that the method of category didn’t serve a purpose? There would be no company to science. Every house and apartment building has main heating. It is a federal law that there need to be heat.

If Britannica did not produce a technique of warm there would be no broadening on it so everyone would certainly still be burning wood and also if us were tho burning hardwood we would diminish our herbal resources.


The Greeks laid out the structure blocks because that today’s society. Countless things us use and believe in today can be traced earlier to the ancient Greeks. Some various other things we use this particular day were created by the Greeks, because that example, water pumps and crane. The Greeks invented one of the an initial pumps to extract water native the ground. The Greeks additionally had cranes that provided pulleys, gears, and winches.


Ancient Greece accomplishments and Inventions

The Greeks to be a really advanced culture and if they didn’t make these developments the human being today would be really different. Greek achievements were the ground class for few of the most used items in today’s world. The Greeks achievements had an immediate impact then and an also greater affect today. We have actually come a long way through broadening on every the Greeks accomplishments and discoveries.


Major Greek success and contributions –

1. They occurred the worlds an initial democracy.


2. They to be the first people to take the scientific technique to medicine by actually studying the diseases.(Hippocrates)

3. Playwrights wrote and produced the an initial dramas in out theatres. (Euripides & Sophocles)

4. They invented the rules of Geometry and other mathematics. (Euclid)

5. They arisen the art of philosophy to search for wisdom and also truth. (Socrates, Plato, and also Aristotle)

6. They produced outstanding literature, poetry, and mythology. (Homers Iliad and the Odyssey, Sappho because that love poems)

7. They composed the very first histories.

8. They studied and also classified or grouped different kinds the plants.

9. They created magnificent buildings and also sculptures. They made heavy use the columns to support the buildings and decorated them.

10. They gave us the Olympics.

11. They gave us countless names that us still usage today.

12. The largest accomplishment the old Greeks did was that they developed, and also introduced Philosophy, Literature, and Mathematics come the West, i beg your pardon is the communication of your own societies today.

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The next biggest was the overcoming of the then known human being by the unified Greek armies of Alexander the Great. A feat that has not been surpassed by anyone ever since.