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By Chris Abbott
While thinking about who will win ours Super Team tournament 64, we've been fantasizing about clashes between beloved characters. There's plenty there to choose from, however we save coming earlier to one specific rivalry: The speed vs. Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Our conflict was beginning to devolve right into a shouting match, for this reason we chose to obtain your take. We visited Twitter and asked: Who Would victory in a race: Sonic the Hedgehog, or The Flash? Here's what you had to say:Emeralds
* Sonic would tie him v the Emeralds, no? yet without, it appears Flash would win.— David Gonzalez (PDR) (
gusbuice) in march 31, 2015Sonic
* The Flash. He have the right to run fast sufficient to time travel. Sonic struggles to outrun the annoying sound top top water levels!— Matt Carter ( The Flash deserve to travel quicker than the rate of light. Sonic is just a sluggish poke.— CraigLivesHere (
CraigimusMax) march 31, 2015'Nuff.

VenomousFatman1) march 31, 2015Light
* pretty certain Sonic hasn't run quicker than the rate of time prefer Barry or Wally. Unless SonicPoint is a comic i missed. Speed Wins.— Taylor Katcher ( Flash because he vehicle run approximately the human being in a pair seconds and it bring away forever for Sonic to acquire past the eco-friendly hill zone— Levi ( The speed obviously because Sonic can't break the sound barrier and also bend time prefer Barry Allen can. It'd more than before that began.— Eric Mc (
So there you have it. Who carry out you think would success a race between Sonic and The Flash? provide us your pick for the winner and also tell us why in the comment below. Climate be certain to poll for the best team of every time in ours Super Team 64 tournament!
Chris Abbott is's ar Manager. He loves loves video clip games, vinyl, film, burritos, and also caffeine. If you love those things too, friend should more than likely follow that on Twitter.

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A perpetually tardy CSI, Barry Allen i do not care the fastest male alive once a dark matter lighting storm strikes him.