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The message does not explain why Hapsy does not concerned Granny Weatherall’s deathbed, nor does the tell us where Hapsy is. However, towards the end of the story, as soon as Granny asks her daughter Cornelia to "call every the kids in," away from what she thinks is a imminent storm,...

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The text does not describe why Hapsy does not concerned Granny Weatherall’s deathbed, no one does that tell us where Hapsy is. However, toward the finish of the story, as soon as Granny asks her daughter Cornelia to "call all the youngsters in," far from what she thinks is a imminent storm, Cornelia replies by saying that "Mother, below we are, every one of us." Afterwards, since she is in the throes the death and is quite delirious, Granny thinks that Lydia is Hapsy.

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According to Cornelia, all of Granny’s children are assembled at her deathbed. However, Hapsy is no in their midst. This could mean the Hapsy is no within reach—most most likely she is already dead. The latter possibility is encouraged by Granny’s own thoughts as she struggles against death. She thinks the she could "see Hapsy again." The text claims that "she renders a long journey outward trying to find Hapsy" and is worried that she just can not uncover her. Also, that is precious noting that at the start of the story, once Granny is a little stronger, she provides no point out of Hapsy while talking around her children: she says that she is still rather young, because Lydia, John and also Cornelia all sought her advice. Later on, she asks Cornelia when Hapsy, George, Lydia, and also Jimmy will arrive. She knows that, out of everybody, that is Hapsy that she"d really favor to see. As such, Hapsy can have to be somebody really dear come her—possibly a daughter or a good friend.

Granny Weatherall has various hallucinations, several of which show off Hapsy. In one, she recalls the time as soon as Hapsy was about to have a baby, and also then she immediately sees Hapsy by her bedside in a white cap. In another, she watch Hapsy moving a baby, and they watch at every other before Hapsy "melts indigenous within" and she and the baby disappear right into shadows. In yet another, Hapsy whispers to her that "I believed you’d never ever come, friend haven’t adjusted a bit!"