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Here’s a mindblowing item of real-life Hollywood history: Tim Allen once spenttwo years in prison for medicine trafficking. Fortunately for him, his family, and millions of fans, the American actor’s story takes a totally different direction after that. It was a watershed moment,? Tim said The Washington Times.

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?It placed me in a position of an excellent humility, and I was able to make amends come friends and family and also refocus my life on setting and afford goals.?

Fast front to today, and the golden Globe winner is not just uber-successful but likewise happily married with three kids. To find out what happened in between his cocaine-dealin’ days and today, we’re walk to take look back at Tim Allen’s job and an individual life over the years.

What was Tim Allen’s an individual Life prefer After Prison?

Tim hadput his time in jail to an excellent use, honing his comedic chops by do his fellow prisoners and also guards laugh. The end of prison, Tim began performing standup and booking commercials. During this time, Tim married his college sweetheart, Laura Deibel. In 1989, the two had a daughter named Katherine.

A year after ~ his daughter to be born, Allen booked a Showtime standup comedy special. He started catching the eye of casting directors, and — after transforming down movie roles available by Disney — he landing the starring function in the alphabet sitcom, Home Improvement together Tim “The Toolman” Taylor. Unfortunately, the difficult work that earned him the function put a stress, overload on his marriage.Tim confessedin one interview v The Detroit News that he was so focused on his career the he “let his family slide.? Tim and also Laura divorced in 1991, the exact same year he landed the Home improvement role.

Tim continued to be unmarried for 15 years, immersing self in his work. If filming residence Improvement, the would all at once star in a wire of fight movies, including The Santa Clause and Galaxy Quest. Throughout this time, he also famously voiced Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story and Toy Story 2. (He’d later on revive his character in Toy Story 3 and also 4).

The Love Story the Tim Allen and His wife Jane Hajduk

While filming flicks prefer Joe Somebody, Christmas with the Kranks, and also The Shaggy Dog, Tim started dating actress jane Hajduk. Jane would certainly co-star through him in both The Shaggy Dog and also Zoom. Tim and Janetied the knot in 2006in a tiny ceremony in grand Lake, Colorado. Three years later, the pair welcomed their daughter Elizabeth right into the world.

In aninterviewwith Parade, Tim states he learned a lot around being a husband, father, and also family man from previous mistakes with his first child and also marriage. “I to be gone so much in my very first marriage,” he admitted. “I love the moments once I engage with mine youngest daughter now. It?s no my point to sit ~ above the ground and also play tea party, but I?ll do it because it?s a minute that will stick.”

These days, Tim Allen have the right to be spotted top top the Fox TV show, the Last man Standing.

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Tim toldCloser Weeklythat the relates to his character, Mike Baxter, because he also ?has 3 daughters, so his entirety vision is v his treasure, his girls. His Home Improvement wife Patricia Richardson added, ?Tim gets to completely be the love father and husband that is, i beg your pardon is so actual in him. It?s what makes him for this reason lovable.?

What is Tim Allen’s network Worth?

Sourcesestimate Tim Allen’s network worth to it is in $100 million. His salary for Last man Standing tops $235,000 every episode, do him one of TV’s highest-paid actors.

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