TV mirrors have produced some of the greatest names in Hollywood, especially child stars that make that so big they’re still determined as their character from the present as one adult. This is the situation for celebrity Deon Richmond, except fans have likewise confused an additional notable gibbs of gift Richmond’s The Cosby Show character.

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In fact, the gibbs confusion has been a long-running joke for among our lovely Psych celebrities, make Richmond’s appearance on the tv show an ext than a coincidence. Also better, various other Cosby characters from the renowned tv series have make an appearance together several continuous jokes!

Richmond’s role in ‘The Cosby Show’


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Richmond’s duty on The Cosby Show was together Rudy Huxtable‘s reoccurring girlfriend Kenny (or Bud). The popular function came to him in ~ the early on age that eight, and also the boy star made rather the impression.

Bud started as a pretty stroked nerves young boy who had actually misogynistic views of women, oftentimes sharing this views through Rudy to she dismay. He would certainly say things favor women should simply be mothers, not have actually jobs, and also be older 보다 the man, so they die first. For Rudy, this comments to be rightfully irritating come hear, and also her responses are regularly commendable.

Fortunately, toward the end of the tv show, Bud’s misogynistic views to be gone, and maturity aided him broaden his own ideas beyond his larger brother’s. He even made it a suggest to say the the points he claimed in the past were not true at all.

His ‘Psych’ TV display appearance was part of a long-running ‘TCS’ joke

Feelin’ nostalgic! #throwback through my twin, BUD from The Cosby Show!! actor Deon Richmond!!

— Shavar Ross (

Doing what he does best, James Roday improvised in season one when he called out Dule Hill‘s character Gus, calling the Bud from The Cosby Show. Ever due to the fact that then, it was nearly impossible because that other cast members and fans not to watch some similarity — but Hill was not Bud. Nonetheless, the was regularly referenced together Bud in the show.

To top it all off, Psych brought in Richmond come play Mr. Richmond (Gus’s brand-new boss) in season eight, episode 10, “The Breakup.” The funny catch? The real Bud was no only placed in close contact with Hill in the collection to present the similarities and differences but was also scripted to call Gus “Bud” in ~ one point.

In a funny turn of events, some much more The Cosby Show referrals were brought into the tv display to save the joke going. In fact, Screenrant points the end that various other acting options have to be Cosby-related prefer “in an alternate universe episode in season five, The Polarizing Express, Keshia article Pulliam, who played Rudy top top The Cosby Show, appears as Gus’ wife, Stranjay” in addition to “Phylicia Rashad, that played the majestic Huxtable matriarch Clair, as Gus’ mother, Winnifred Guster.”

Speaking that resemblances — Richmond has likewise spoofed Dule Hill

Psych is much from the only duty since Richmond’s Cosby days. In fact, he has played in much more than 30 various other projects, including Calvin Babbitt in Teachers., Jordan Bennett in Sister, Sister, and also Shorty in The Blues.

However, his most notable roles since playing Bud to be Marcus in Hatchet and Tyson Fox in Scream 3.

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Ironically, Richmond likewise spoofed Hill just a couple of years earlier in 2011’s Not an additional Teen Movie together Malik Token — a “Token black Guy” based on Hill’s hit duty as Preston from She’s all That. Your resemblance lugged this teen parody to life, more cementing the ongoing confusion between Hill and Richmond’s most well-known characters.

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